Sunday, September 28, 2008

Going to church

Today was one of the first times I was very grateful to have the 1:00 church. Normally I don't enjoy it because I feel like we wait all day to go and then by the time we get home the day is already over. Now that we have a baby it was really nice because I had time to shower and get myself ready and have time to get Addisyn ready and still be a few minutes early for sacrament meeting which keeps Dad happy.
She was just so cute that we of course had to take a million pictures.

I realized the other day as I was looking back at the pictures we've taken that we didn't have any with the three of us and so we finally took our first family photo.

One day my clothes will actually fit me!

This was so cute, she was just sitting with dad when she started pulling her bottom lip down all on her own. I'm not sure why she was doing it but it made for a cute picture.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Splish, Splash

I was takin a bath...

So this is obviously from awhile ago because I'm not that awful of a mom to make my child wait two weeks to get a bath. I just thought these were cute pictures for the grandparents and other Addy fans!

Our first few baths she really didn't enjoy so much because it was cold and that is something that we don't like, but I can't really blame her because who likes being cold. By the end we were in hysterics until we got the warm towel just out of the dryer! Now things are getting better and as long as we just keep putting warm water all over her then she is happy and actually enjoys bath time. I think once she can be put into a real bath (not a sponge one) then she will really be happy!

This is how we comfort ourself.

Our favorite part!

I had to add this picure because one thing is for sure, she has her dad's bum!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The puppy pair

The Before:

Quite a few months ago, as in 6 or 7, Mitch and I decided to watch a movie late at night. Since I was pregnant at the time, I would blow up the air mattress and lay on it while watching because it was just a lot more comfortable to sprawl out and I had a tendency to fall asleep before the movie was actually finished. On this particular day it was no exception but this time I had already gotten ready for bed meaning I had taken my contacts out and put my glasses on. So when I was feeling myself drift into sleep I just put my glasses on the floor next to me. It just so happens that Mitch also fell asleep on the couch and so no one let the dog out for the night. As you may have guessed, the dog got bored in the middle of the night and decided to oh so kindly chew my glasses up. I couldn't get to mad at him because it was sort of my fault for leaving my glasses where he could get them.
From then on, I would just wear Mitch's glasses because they are pretty close to the same prescription as mine. Well the next weekend, the same thing happened but this time the dog completely destroyed Mitch's glasses. I felt terrible because there was no way that they could be saved. So I go back to wearing my old pair even though the part that goes over your ear was completely chewed up, the nose guards were gone, and the frame around the lenses was bent out of place. They were at least wearable but only for a short amount of time. When I would wear them for too long then they would start giving me a scab at the top of my nose.
Well, Mitch finally ran out of contacts and so he went in to get a check up and decided it was also time to get new glasses (happy birthday a few weeks early). In the mean time, my glasses have now lost the screw that holds the lenses in place and so I ask if he will take my glasses in when he goes to pick up his new contacts and glasses. Needless to say, he really didn't want to because it was sort of embarrassing because they really did look horrible. Being the good husband that he is, he finally agrees and a little while later he shows up with my brand new glasses! Well okay they are the same pair but they feel like brand new because everything that was wrong was now fixed. He laughed and told me that when he took them in, the ladies behind the counter keep asking about the puppy pair and laughing because they couldn't believe how awful they were. They were definitely miracle workers and all I have to say is thank you Rexburg Vision Center, I can now wear my glasses anytime I want and no longer get a scab on my nose or have the lenses fall out when I bend over!

And After:

Can you believe the difference! And they did it all for free! And yes, I realize I just told a very long story about my glasses but seriously this was a big moment for me!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Being Thankful

I got this idea from my sisters blog and I just thought of so many things that I was thankful for that I decided to do my own.

1. My Mom: Since I came home from the hospital, my mom has been with me. She not only helped tremendously with the baby so I could get some sleep and rest but she also deep cleaned every square inch of my house. When I say deep clean I mean it, she vaccumed the couch cushions, bleached the shower curtains, wiped and dusted everything, touched up the paint in my bathroom, finished sewing my baby curtain, and so much more. Needless to say I am completely grateful and am definitely going to miss having her around. Love you mom!

2. My sweet little baby: She is such a miracle to me. Sometimes I can't believe the instant bond that I have with her. I just look at her and cry because I am just so amazed at the blessing my Heavenly Father has given me. (I also realize that the crying is mostly just because of the emotional ups and downs caused by having and baby and breastfeeding) I just hope that I can be a good mom for her.

3. Of course I can't leave out my darling husband: He has been such a great help for me during this past week since we have been home from the hospital. In the middle of the night when the baby wakes up hungry, he is so good to get up and feed her or bring her to me so I can feed her. He is also now the master at changing diapers (he even changed her during the BYU football game which is really saying something). Not only is he great at taking care of the baby but also of me. I never have to ask more than once when I need something and he will get it done, plus he does it without complaining. AMAZING!!

4. Prayer: There have been a lot of times when I have doubted my abilities at being a good mom and wife but I know that there is always someone I can turn to who understands and can give the comfort and strength that I need at the time.

5. My camera: I know it may seem silly but really I think this is one of my most precious possessions right now. I am constantly taking pictures of sweet little moments that I can treasure forever. Since I have a really bad memory, I know that I will be forgetting a lot of the things that are happening right now so it is good to know that I will have the pictures to help with the memories.

6. Excercise: There isn't much i can do right now because the recovery process for a c-section is sooooooo slow but it still feels good to get out and walk around the block even when it takes me almost triple the time it used to take me because I have to go so slow. It is always amazing to me how excersise can just make stress and other things manageable.

(I have to add another one)
7. Sleep: There were quite a few nights at the beginning where I could not sleep that good. Either the baby was waking up to eat, I was getting up to use the bathroom or I was having hot flashes and night sweats that were keeping me up. Lately things have been much better because my body seems to be slowly getting back to normal or else I am just so exhausted at night that I don't notice as much. All I know is that in between feedings I am finally getting some good sleep which is VERY nice!

Friday, September 19, 2008

What's in a name?

We've had a lot of people ask where we got the middle name Trelauny. Pretty much every time anyone asks what her name is then we have to explain where it came from. My sister was the best because she knew right away that it had to be something Mitch came up with and in fact it was. Trelauny is actually Jamaican name and since that is where Mitch served his mission we thought it would be fun to use. I have no idea what it means but it definitely fits her. She has that relaxin, easy-going personality. Well, at least as long as she isn't cold and her belly is full. If one of those needs is not met then we can get a little vocal about things. Here is what I mean about chillin.

How can you not love this little girl, okay maybe I am just a little bias because I am her mom but after 9 months of wondering what she was going to look like and have dreams, actually more like nightmares, of some alien space child this is not so bad!

We just really wish that she would do this a little more at night!

Later that night after taking the pictures of Addisyn, in walks her father like this.

He had just got home from a work dinner luau party and I think he took the dressing up to heart! What can I say, like father like daughter.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lessons Learned

Isn't she just the cutest!

Pretty strong neck muscles for only being three days old. It only wore her out a little.

Coming home!

So here we are 3 days into our entirely new life. In spite of the doctors telling us we would have to stay for 2-3 days after the c-section things have progressed so well that they sent us home after only a day and a half! Now we are on day two and under our own roof and things couldn't be better, unless Olive Garden was catering dinner.
Now it is time to back up, since our last post, Melanie was able to hold her little girl for the first time on Saturday morning at about 11:00. Both baby and mom bawled and all dad could do was sit there... bald. Saturday night they released Addy from the special nursery now they can't call it the "special" nursery. She gave us a run for our money that first night but night number two went to the parents. We certainly have learned a few tricks of the trade since then. Even though she can't speak, she has a way of letting us know what she needs and once those are met then she is content. What a great teacher she is. All we have to know is the guess and check method. Nursing was tricky at first but then we let Melanie give it a whirl and it has seemed to have worked a lot better. I have certainly been humbled having never changed a dirty diaper prior to Saturday. With Melanie taking care of the nursing and making the "deposits", I get to deal with the "withdrawls". Trust me on that, you can take it to the bank. We have also learned it is easier than we thought to figure out why a baby is fussing. It could be any of the following: poopy pants, wet pants, hungry belly, gassy belly, hot, cold, room to light, room to dark, too much noise, not enough noise, blanket too loose, blanket too tight, something mom ate (broccoli), something mom didn't eat enough of (chocolate), and of course arbitrary crying. So see folks this parenting stuff is not that hard, you just have to go through the list and then keep adding to it. Lucky for us, we have Melanie's mom here to help interpret the baby talk. Also we have a very well mannered baby which helps us as parents figure things out somewhat quickly. Check back with us later to see what else we learned along the way.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Special Delivery (brought to you by the letter C)

Well folks we want to you all to say hello to the newest member of our clan, Addisyn Trelauny Workman. She weighs in at 6 lbs. 14 oz. and has her fathers brains to accompany her mothers good looks. Let the record show she was born on the 12th of September 2008 at 5:15 pm. Here's how it all broke down. Thursday night at around 9:15 Melanie had a little "water damage." After consulting with the hospital we decided that we would monitor her through the night. other than contractions every 15 minutes not much was happening. So at 8:30 in the morning we called the clinic and they had us go in for a quick check up. The first test showed no signs of amniotic fluis leakage. However, the doc wanted to double check it with an ultrasound. Good thing he did cause we noticed right away that there was hardly any fluid at all. So the next thing we know is we are admitting her to labor and delivery. That all got started about 9:30 a.m. At around 4:00 p.m. the doc came in to check on her and despite having worked so hard all day with contractions she wasn't dialating. at this point because the baby was already overdue coupled with the fact that there was no dialation we had to proceed with a C-Section. Melanie was fabulous!!! I was able to be in there and watch the surgery so I can now say I love her guts! A few minutes later there she was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The sad part is that it has now been almost 15 hours since delivery and mom has still not seen nor held the little angel. In fact she has only seen as much as you have with these pics. The reason for this is that because of the stress of the labor the baby inhaled some fluids into her lungs and she has been in the nursery getting treatment. Nothing too scary, but definitely needed to be taken care of. I truly am the luckiest guy in the world. I've got 2 great girls. What else matters?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yet another appointment

I sadly made it to yet another doctors appointment this morning. Thank goodness this time I actually came away not feeling so depressed. Maybe that is because the doctor scrapped my membranes which I'm not really sure what that means but it really was not that comfortable so I think it is suppose to help get things going a little faster. He also said that I was at a 2 which really is not that exciting seeing as I am already 4 days past my due date but still it was progress from last weeks 0. Also I was scheduled for an induction on Monday morning with a 70% chance that I will go before that. Really it wouldn't suprise me one bit if I made it till monday morning just because every week I've told myself that I wouldn't make it to another doctors appointment and so far, I have made it to every single one. This time there is no other doctors visit (until after the baby comes) just the trip to the hospital so that is great news!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A touch of personality

We have decided that our baby already takes after me and is very stubborn. So those of you who may have been wondering, yes, we are still waiting for our little baby to come into the world. I just hope that when she finally decides to grace us with her presence that she does it quickly. So here I am in all my beauty at the end of Sunday(when I was suppose to be in a hospital) at 40 weeks pregnant. As you can see the only clothes that are really comfortable anymore are Mitch's t-shirts so that is what I wear everyday. Thank goodness he is normally a little bigger than me (at the present moment I wouldn't say that) but I do try to wear his older shirts so that I don't stretch out the middle too much!

Another funny story, well I thought it was funny. Mitch and I were out shopping a few days ago and we were sort of in a hurry so he was driving around trying to find a parking spot and all that were left were quite a ways away. This normally is not a problem and we just park and walk because I enjoy it and know it is good for me. In fact one day I was giving Mitch a hard time about always finding the closest parking spot that he drove to the very farthest corner and parked and we walked. Anyways so he's driving around trying to find a spot and the very last one on the row by the handicap spots was a little red sign that said, "expectant mother parking". We've seen these signs before but since I like to walk we've never parked there but on this day we thought it was too crazy to pass up. Then I laughed because sometimes it is hard to tell if some woman are pregnant or just a little overweight but I turned to Mitch and told him that in our case it was only slightly obvious.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eastern Idaho State Fair

Saturday, Mitch had to work down at the fair so I decided to tag along since I had absolutely nothing else to do and I had never been to this fair before. It was a really hot day and we had to park really far away which meant a lot of walking which normally I love because I get all my steps in for the day but it is just getting to be more challenging to do such simple things as walking so I just took lots of sitting breaks while Mitch was working. Sadly, we didn't go on any rides :( but we did get some free fair food because Mitch had a press pass and I tried for my first time ever a Tiger Ear which is a giant scone with cinnamon and sugar and honey butter, very delicious. We also saw lots of farm animals.
I took a picture of this goat because it looked just as uncomfortable as I was.

By the end of the day, I was completely exhausted and as you can see so were my feet. They were so filthy because of all the dirt and sweat and since it had been a hot day they were so swollen. It will be a great day when it actually looks like I have ankles again.

Date Night

So friday, I met Mitch down in Idaho Falls after he got off work so that we could do an actual date night. We thought that this will probably be one of the last times it will be just the two of so we took advantage. Normally our weekends consist of playing games friday night with Mitch's parents and then helping either Mitch's brother or cousin with remodels on their homes. This weekend his parents were out of town so went to this little restraunt downtown called the snake bite. I realize this is a strange name for a restraunt and not normally something we would pick but I read about it online and I really just wanted to do something different so we went and tried it out and sadly, there were no snakes slithering around the restraunt. But wow, I was really impressed. It was a little pricey for a burger and fries but very very delicious. I downed the whole thing, didn't leave one thing on my plate and it was no small plate. Then we went and walked around the river and took some pictures with our new camera. I really wanted to feed the ducks but we sort of forgot to bring anything to feed them with so obviously that didn't happen but I do love my new camera because you can zoom in forever.
The ducks in this picture were clear across the river and yet look how great of a picture I still got!

The beautiful scenery.

Yes, I even got Mitch to pose for a quick pic.

And I really didn't want to put this on but now everyone can see just how big I am getting. You know the girls you sometimes see around town and you think oh my goodness they are going to pop at any minute. Well that is now me. As we were walking back to the car we passed a building with the mirror glass all around the outside and I just was completely amazed at my stomach. I even did one of those double takes so I am sure that other people are thinking and doing the same thing as me which is fine because in just a few days (fingers crossed) we will be having this baby!