Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Two Cute Girls

We have been having lots of fun at our house this week with two silly little girls running around. Addy seriously idolizes Gracie. If she leaves the room for more than a couple of minutes she will start looking around and asking, "where Gracie?" I'm not sure how she will make it through next week without her :(

It actually has been pretty nice because they are really good at keeping each other occupied, but two kids is definitely way more work than one.

The best part of having a four year old around is that Addy finally has really clean teeth. In fact I think she is addicted to toothpaste. She saw Gracie getting her teeth brushed and then spitting into the sink and from then on, it was a really cool thing to do. I probably brush her teeth four times a day, although half of those I just pretend there is toothpaste :)

They really are just too cute! but when they are done with pictures, they are done with pictures (at least Addy)!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Search for Fall

We all have to admit that one of the best parts of fall is the colors. When the leaves start to change and the air gets a little chill in the evenings, I just love it. Usually the fall season doesn't last long in Rexburg, we normally jump from summer to winter in a couple of weeks. This year has been a little different and I have greatly enjoyed the change.

Thankfully, our fall days have been lingering. So the other day we went out in search of some fall colors and we only found a few but it was still beautiful.

We'll have to go back in another week and I'm sure there will be lots more.

We did get some exercise and some fun pictures and Mitch was happy because we stopped at Big Judd's on the way home but we had to run down the trail in order to have time :)

I wish I could get a good picture of her crazy run. Maybe I'll just have to get a video because it really is quite silly.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Birthday Toys

I think that I have loved Addy's birthday toys just as much as she has. It has been so nice to have her occupied while I clean the bathroom, fold laundry, check blogs, do my hair, cut out halloween costumes, cook dinner etc. I know it won't last forever because new toys are only new and exciting for so long but still it has been nice.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Looking Back

Isn't it just amazing how much a baby changes in such a short amount of time. I was just looking back at Addy's two years of life and thought I would share.

At the hospital:

Two weeks:
Blessing Day:
2 1/2 months:
3 1/2 months:
5 months/sitting on my own:
Almost 6 months:
7 months:
8 months/DC trip:

9 months:
10 months:
cruising on her knees
standing on her own:
11 months/teeth:
Almost One:
I'm ONE:

18 months:


And that is just a glimpse of her cuteness. Maybe another day I'll post the not so happy cheesy photos, you know the sad screaming kind. For today, I will leave you thinking my child is the cutest thing ever because really she is!

Friday, September 17, 2010

She's Two

For Addy's 2nd birthday, we had a ladybug party! It was great fun (thanks to all the great ideas off the internet!)

We played a few games including: Put the Spot on the Ladybug.

Addy was really cute and would run and give the blind fold and spot to whoever was next and then stand next to the poster and point to where it was suppose to go.

And then if you didn't get the spot in the right place, she would fix it for you. She is just so kind like that!

Then we did a bean bag toss through the ladybug spots. Sadly, I don't have a picture of my amazing cardboard box, but here is Addy throwing the bean bags.
(Sorry- I couldn't get the video to work)

Thanks to everyone else who came. Hopefully you had some fun.

Our next game was what we called musical spots. Robbie and older Adi won.

Then we sent the kids downstairs to "spot" the bugs. I'd just cut out little paper bugs and bought some plastic bugs at the dollar store and hid them around and then they put them into these cute little bug bags I made.

Onto presents!!! Who doesn't love those :)

Inside this box was some much needed warm clothes.
A cute little baby Ariel. She played with this the entire way back up to Rexburg so a special thanks to the Clews family.

A BIKE!! Thanks Johnsons (she has gotten way better at pushing herself around)
We got her some doll stuff and her own pots and pans and a couple weeks ago she got an early present from Nana and Papa. I'll have to put pictures of those up later.

She is giving her thank you hugs!! Being a mom is just the best.
Back upstairs for cake and ice cream and yes, I made this amazing cake! We actually had two parties and this is the cake from the next day, it turned out much better.

She had a hard time blowing out the candles because every time she would get close, she would feel the heat from the flame and turn her head and say hot. So she got a little help.

And then stuffed her face!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!! We are so glad you are a part of our family. You keep us smiling and laughing all day long. Love you!