Monday, July 27, 2009

My Pre-walking Child

My mom and dad have this little toy shopping cart which Addy loves to play with. Mostly she just likes to dump all the toys out of it. The first time she was playing with it, I stood her up to see if she would be able to push it. Well, it was pretty funny because she pushed and the arms went out straight but the legs stayed in the same place and then she slowly lowered herself down to her knees. Now she has figured it out and will go up and down the hallway until she gets stopped by the wall. The scary part is that pretty soon she will be doing this without the cart! Yikes!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 months

Interesting Facts about our Adorable Addisyn @ 10 months:

*She has two teeth. Both in the same place just one on top and the other on bottom so she likes to grind them together and it makes an awful noise

*Is into everything! I finally had to baby proof all my cabinet doors because I got sick of cleaning it up every two minutes.

*Likes the dishwasher. Every time I try to load or unload the dishes she crawls over and wants to help and then is very sad when I close the door.

*Talks all the time (she is definitely a girl)

*Can stand all on her own. If she is playing and distracted she will stand for quite a long time but once she notices what she is doing then she sits back down.

*Is cute even when she is sad, plus check out the awesome bow I made- so proud of myself!

*she is slowly starting to understand how to play and she will start crawling away and then look back because she wants to be chased and then when you catch her she laughs. The other day we had one of our dining room chairs pulled out and she crawled under the table and was walking along holding onto the fronts of the other chairs and was just talking and squealing away trying to get us to look at her and when she did she would just smile and then when we looked away she would start up again. I know that pretty soon she will be walking (especially since just the other day she took her first couple of steps-crazy) but for now it is just fun to enjoy the journey!

Chukars Game

Last night as we were finishing up dinner, we had a little knock on our door and it was our nice neighbor from across the street. I call him nice because well one he is but also because he was giving away two tickets to the Chukars baseball game. So we raced to get ready and then drove down to Idaho Falls for the game. It turned out to be a pretty good game although the Chukars did end up losing by one run but it was still fun.

Another gorgeous picture of us!

I love this little lady she just makes me smile and laugh everyday! She did amazing at the game and even got in on the clapping and cheering!!

Menan Butte

Last week I was getting really tired of doing the same things day after day after day. So I tried to think of some fun things to do in the evening that don't cost money and you can do with a baby. I didn't come up with many but one was going on a hike. I convinced Mitch to go up Menan Butte or as many know it as "R" Mountain. Truthfully I thought it was just going to be this little jaunt up the hill but I quickly realized just how out of shape I was/am. Okay so it really wasn't that bad, I am just used to going on walks that are on relatively flat ground and so it took me a little while to adjust to the incline.

Taking a quick break in the shade :)

We made it!!!

I know it is a very lovely picture of myself- haha -but the breeze did feel nice!

It was very nice to be outside enjoying the cool evening doing something different. Plus it gave us a little practice for when we go up Mount Borah in a few weeks we just have to find someone to watch Addy because there is no way we can drag her up that mountain!!!

The 4th of July!!

Our celebration of the 4th of July which was spent in Idaho Falls. We stayed the night before at Mitch's parents and then in the morning we went to a neighborhood breakfast where we randomly ran into a couple of my cousins and grandparents which was a terrific suprise! Then we went to the grand parade which I had always heard about but never seen for myself and I will admit they had some pretty cool floats.

Mitch was very proud of his IF Tigers hence I had to put in the picture of the orange and black YAH!

After the parade we headed back to the house for a little back yard BBQ, which was De-lish. Then Mitch surprised me with some parachutes and tanks (my family does them every year and I was pretty bummed we were going to miss them this year). So we ran around the yard chasing parachutes and then had some tank wars.

At the end we had everybody pick a tank and we circled them up and had a REAL battle.

I'm pretty sure my tank was the one on fire in the middle.

After a little dessert, we headed over to my aunt and uncles house for another BBQ and visiting. I hadn't seen my cousins or grandparents for awhile so it was fun to catch up. At dusk we headed over to the river for an awesome fireworks.

We had a great time and will have to hang again soon!