Saturday, March 28, 2009

Look what I made!!

Mitch's sister, Lindsay, is getting married in May and I've been wanting to sew Addy a dress for the wedding. I thought before I buy all the fabric I should probably do a practice dress just to make sure it fits and looks okay. So I used some left over fabric from her nursery and went to town. I must say that I sort of impressed myself because I had to do quite a few adjustments to make it fit but in the end it turned out really cute. So now I have to go find some cute yellow fabric and do it all over again!!

Doggie Kisses

Okay, so it really wasn't a kiss but more like a nip. I was afraid this day would come when Addy would love Charlie but he would not love her back. Actually he really is good with her most of the time this was the first time in six months that he got a little aggressive and mostly it was because of the fist full of hair that she pulled from his backside. So I can't really blame him although he still got in lots of trouble and is going to get his hair shaved off which will hopefully remedy the problem for now. Hopefully it doesn't happen again or else we will have to say bye bye to the dog :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why my wife blogs

Okay. So as most of our faithful follwers know we at the Workman house have abandoned the intenet at home. Well that might be a little deceiving since I can access it on my phone. However, what that means is I am left to do the blogging when Melanie feels people need an update or she has the urge to show off new pics of Addisyn. I have only posted on this blog one other time and it was several months ago so I hope I am not a huge disappointment to you... well I mean as far as blogging skills are concerned. I know generally the "disappointment" question could be up for debate. Here goes nothing...

...I have been asked to post some new pics that my wife is in love with. I have to say as well that they really are pretty cute even though I try to keep "cute" out of my vocabulary.

Bathtime has become quite dangerous. If you look close enough you can see the water flying everwhere. Addy is extremely happy of course. and us?... well we had to run get our ponchos. I think this reminds of the "Splash Zone" at Sea World.

Addy has now past the 6 month mark and seems to be getting around quite well for not knowing how to crawl yet. Somehow she can scoot almost anywhere. As seen here she has made her way from the middle of the bedroom floor to her future hiding spot whenever mom and dad will ask her to do dishes. If she keeps moving like this that might be next week. You know we could always use the help around the house, and I have heard on more than one occasion to "train 'em young."

As for Melanie and I we are just taking things one day at a time. Trying to figure out what to spend our winnings on.... Oh, didn't we tell you. We won $13,400 at the reservation last week.

No that didn't really happen, but it's St. Patrick's day and we have the right to wish for such luck don't we?