Monday, May 20, 2013

The hunt

All the kids getting ready for the search!

/Sigh/ she is old enough to find the eggs on her own. When did that happen?

They hid one gold egg that had a dollar inside and this was the lucky finder!
Thankfully it was beautiful weather.  So we enjoyed laying in the sun while the kiddos played.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring is here

"Mom, look what I found in the dirt!"

It is a good thing my sister wasn't around, she hates worms!

Easter dress

Yep, she is a super star!  
She just can't help but dance and twirl especially with such a beautiful dress on.

Love that cute little face!

Coloring eggs

I almost passed on doing the eggs this year because it was such a busy day and I was exhausted.  Then I remembered how much fun it is when you are a kid.  So I got out the pan and boiled the eggs and we had such a fun time. This girl loves to be creative and could've dipped and re-dipped those eggs all night.

and it only made a slight mess to clean up!

Her favorite one!

And luckily boiled eggs are one of her favorite foods so none of them went to waste!