Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Love this little Diva!

Can't get enough of her!!!

(We really need a boy in this house)

Special Dad Dinner

Back in January, Addy and I decided to do something special for Mitch.  We came up with doing a fancy dinner so we decorated with christmas lights and set the table with our fancy plates.  The afternoon was spent baking and cooking.  When Mitch came home Addy welcomed him at the top of the stairs and took his coat and then led him to his seat.  It was so cute to watch how excited she was to be doing something special for Dad. It made me realize that we need to do these types of things a  little more often.

Tea Party

These cute little girls put together a delicious tea party for their mom's. Addy came running into the house yelling, "Mom, Mom come to our tea party!  Right Now!"  It was so sweet and they even made place setting cards for us.  Girls are so much fun! 

Monday, March 25, 2013


So here is a quickish run-down of Christmas morning.  Sadly, the adults were awake before the kids so we ended up sending chelsea down to wake them all up!

This little gal LOVED her chair.

This one couldn't believe she got her own fingernail polish.

I just love this face!

Katie is still loving her chair!

Someone got a little spoiled from Santa!  She must be one special gal. 
Included in this years stocking was:  a boy barbie, the jewelry box she asked for with lots of accessories to put into it, tinker bell jammies, fancy nancy book and dress up outfit, princess coloring book, hello kitty diary, cinderella movie, and treats.

All decked out in her fancy attire.
After a delicious breakfast of crepes and waffles.  We continued the celebration with LOTS of gifts.  I really needed a picture of the tree!

I was so excited when we saw this Cinderella activity kit at Sams Club.  It had Addy's name written all over it.  She is always asking to make things, meaning coloring, cutting, gluing and taping.

We found Alex this amazing Pot n Putt gift.  You can putt while you are doing your business on the pot!  Haha.

This was the year of barbies and dolls for this little lady.  I think she got 5 or 6 barbies and then all the strawberry shortcake girls. She was thrilled!

Mitch got a very nice panini grill from my parents.  I'm pretty sure it was his favorite gift this year!

After we opened presents, we packed up and drove down to Provo to spend a few days with the other side of our family.  It was really neat to be able to see both sides of the family on Christmas day.  That doesn't happen very often for us!

Christmas Eve

We found ourselves walking around the lights in Layton on Christmas eve and then driving around looking at the lights around the neighborhood.
Of course Addy's favorite was the unicorn with pink hair!

Opening her christmas jammies.  

Then we set out the cookies and milk for santa and the carrots for the reindeer and then it was off to bed for this little lady!

Family Christmas Devotional

This year my mother dearest wanted to have a special family christmas devotional.  We always do something fun but this year we made it a little more spiritual.  The kids and several adults acted out the nativity.
Our beautiful angel.
Mary and Joseph
The Shepherds.
The Wise Men.
The whole cast of characters!
The night also included songs, stories and the sharing of a gift Heavenly Father gave us this year.  It was no surprise that our gift was that of miracles and the little baby coming to our family this coming year! 

Annual Christmas Party

We had our annual christmas party with several of our neighbors.  It is always full of great laughs and we are so grateful that so many came this year.  Turns out we could use a bigger house just for these get -togethers.  
This year the games included:  Tearing a piece of construction paper into a christmas tree in a minute.

Drawing a christmas scene without looking.
The Snowball Toss:  It was a relay where you had to catch a marshmallow in your mouth and then toss for the next person. I thought for sure the boys would cream us gals but turns out we held our own and came out the victors! 

Our last came was another relay which I can't remember the official name.  You had to unwrap a chocolate kiss with oven mits on your hands, and then feed it to the next person in line. The boys ended up winning but it was a close race.

For the best part of the evening, we opened our white elephant gifts! I am always amazed at the things people scrounge up.  For instance... this hat.  I wish I had a better picture of it. It was covered in all sorts of unusually things.

I believe this was unicorn poop or something.

Bethany was so worried that their was a snake inside the scroll.

I do believe it was another successful event.  Mostly because of the wonderful neighbors and friends we have.  We are truly lucky to live where we do!