Monday, February 17, 2014


Turns out we have a ghost living in our house!

Awhile back Addy would want to surprise me by picking up the toys or putting her clothes away. She would always say "don't look mom" so I'd make myself busy with something and she'd do her nice thing and then tell me to look. I'd pretend to be scared thinking there was a ghost in our house. Well one day she found my stash of left over fabric in the closet and came up as a real ghost. She'd even cut out the holes for her eyes. It was so random and put a smile on my house.

Attempt #2

So we put a halt to the baby food for about 6 weeks because it was causing some constipation problems which made for a very unhappy baby. This is our second attempt and this time around he's just not loving it. I know it takes time to adjust to the new textures and so we still keep trying even when he squeezes his lips together and flings his head side to side.  It really makes me laugh sometimes. So this was a rare smile while in his chair.

Just had to put this last picture up because lots of times this is how a squeeze a shower into my mornings.  Place them both in front of the iPad with a show on. And yes, we let our son play with dolls. This is the real version of our family!

Lovin' our toes

This little man is obsessed with his toes. I know all babies go through this phase of grabbing their toes and such but wow this guy has taken it to a whole new level.  I sometimes wonder if it is because normally he has his special shoes on, so he just isn't used to having nothing on his feet. Or he is just a canibal trying to chew off his big toe. 


Addy built a fort and then asked if Brayden could come play in it with her.  
If when you mean sit by you as play. 
Then sure.


One of my favorite things as a parent is watching the relationship with these two start to develop.  It is what I wished for for such a long time.  I always knew that Addy would be such a good big sister. A little crazy and wild at times but so playful and fun. She can make him cry the hardest but also laugh the loudest.  Right now they mostly adore each other and I hope that it continues.

If only you could hear her…"No Bwayden, don't get my hair. No Bwayden don't suck my face." All the while laughing and playing.

Trying to get him to stand on his own.  Probably not going to happen for awhile.

Aren't they just the cutest!
I am truly one blessed mom.

Such a happy little guy

I couldn't choose which picture to post, so you get them all!
This sweet little face just melts my heart.

He has discovered his tongue recently and quite often it is hanging out of his mouth!

This is another look that we get quite often.  Usually when his big sister is around. 

It is so fun to have a little man in our house.

Bath Time

 I decided to try this guy out in the regular bathtub instead of his portable tub.  I'm pretty sure someone had recently told me that they wished they'd started their kids out younger in the tub because now they are afraid of the water.  So then of course I don't want to make that same mistake, so I plopped him in the tub.  Lo and behold, he loved it! He was kicking his feet and splashing the water with his hands, having a grand ol' time! 

Love his lipless grin!

I had to get a picture of my little helper who was also cheering from the sidelines!  It is fun that she is so big and can celebrate these baby moments with me.

Looks like it is the big bath from here on out!