Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow Fun

While we were in Island Park, we took advantage of all the snow and went sledding a couple of times. The first day we just went down the driveway because there really wasn't a good place for a track. We eventually got a little bored of that and with the help of Mitch and Mike we built a nice jump. In order to get over it you had to be pushed half way down the drive because it wasn't very steep.

Addy loved being outside and she even went down a couple of times on her own. I just laid her on her back and like I said before it wasn't that steep so I just walked behind. The funniest part was just watching her walk because she was so bundled up.

The best part of the sledding trip was when the kids started making a track that was steeper but it went through the trees so you had to be really careful. If you didn't dive off at the end then you would run straight into a tree. Well, Mitch wanted to go down with me so I told him I would as long as he promised we wouldn't hit the tree. With two people you go a lot faster so all of a sudden we see the tree and he leans one way and I lean the other and smack- we run straight into the tree. Since I was the one in front I got a huge bruise on my leg and ended up completely wrapped around the tree. The best part was that it had snowed the night before so the trees had a fresh coat of snow and after we hit the tree, all the snow fell down on top of us. Everyone busted up laughing and thankfully we weren't hurt to badly.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My surprise!

Several months ago I saw this book at my neighbors house that had the cutest little kid hats. It inspired me to learn how to knit so for one of our relief society activities that is just what we did. I was a really slow learner but determined none the less so I went to the library and found the cute book and taught myself the rest. Well I became somewhat obsessed- I kept learning new techniques.

And then came the idea, why don't I make hats for all my nieces and nephews for christmas. Sounds like a fun idea except I thought of it at the beginning of December and I have 16 nieces and nephews. I knew we were all going to be at the cabin together so I was determined. I spent every spare minute knitting. My fingers got very strong and nimble but with four days till the cabin I still had a couple hats to make and several others to put finishing touches on. I stayed up pretty late a couple of nights but I did it!

And happy for me, they LOVED them. I was sort of nervous that they wouldn't care because it was just a hat but I was pleasantly surprised by their reaction. They wore them all over the cabin and a few even tried to sleep in them.

My favorite hats were the little boys because I was able to be a little more crazy. This made my whole christmas! probably because it took me soooo long and they loved them so much.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Say Cheese

These are our lovely attempts at taking our own family picture. It was much easier last year when Addy didn't move much. Mitch didn't want it to be too "christmasy" but a picture we could use all year. So this is what we got.

Me laughing because it is impossible to get a 15 month old to do what you ask.

Addy looks a little wierd.

And then the only one of the 12 or so that we took that actually turned out somewhat decent. Turns out it was the very first one we took!

Christmas Dress

I just love this dress that my mom got for Addy. She got them for when Tyler spoke in church but also as a christmas dress. It just fits her so perfectly and looks so cute which is probably why she has worn it for the last 4 sundays! Luckily we have been in a lot of different wards but now it is really needing a good washing.

Are they not such cute cousins.