Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sprinkler Fun

To start with, I just have to say that it is the end of June and this is the first time I've had to turn the sprinklers on.  Pretty amazing.  We've just had a lot of rain this year.
Anywho, I turned them on and Addy thought it was great fun to run around and get wet which I was fine with but I asked her if she wanted her swimming suit on.  She said yes. So we went inside I beg her to eat some lunch first and then we put the suit on.  We come outside all ready to go and all she wants to do is sit on the chair with her towel. 

Sorry I can't get the picture to straighten.

I finally convince her to try it out by turning the water down. As you can see in the picture above, she was not loving the cold water.  I'm not sure what changed from when she just had her normal clothes on but now it wasn't nearly as fun.

Look how far away she is standing from the sprinkler, cracks me up! I did get her to slide down the slide and then run through all three sprinklers but then listen to this video to see how much fun she had!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

That's My Kid

Sometimes I really get worried when I see some of my not so great characteristics/qualities in Addy.  For example this morning as I was tidying up the house, she came in and asked for a bandaid. Not surprising because we are putting a new bandaid on every day.  Since I was in the middle of something, I told her to wait a few minutes.  Well the next thing I know, she has climbed up on the bathroom counter, pulled out the bandaids and is choosing the color she wants.  This is when I walk in (with the camera!) and she promptly tells me "I do it mineself". 

Really I didn't think she would actually be able to do it herself, but she totally did.  She even threw the garbage away when she was done. I guess you should never underestimate a two year olds determination!

So proud of herself!

Truth be told, this just reminds me of myself.  When someone tells me I can't do something or even just to wait a little while, it makes me just say fine "I do it mineself". Like last night when Mitch told me not to carry the bags of cement into the backyard because they were too heavy, of course I had to carry some.  And yes they were heavy; but they weren't too heavy!! 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Family Night

Lately, we have been trying really hard to have family home evening each week.  A few weeks ago we had a lesson on our family tree and Addy cut out pictures of people in her family and put them on her tree.  After the lesson we walked to DQ for an ice cream.  While we were there I realized this was probably Addy's first ever ice cream cone (where she wasn't just sharing with one of us)! So we took some pictures to document. I know I'm kinda weird like that.

On Memorial Day, we went minature golfing with some neighbors and then had a BBQ even though it was raining.  Mitch was a trooper and drug the grill over close to the back door so he wouldn't have to stand out in the rain while flippin burgers!

After dinner, we had a lesson on moroni and his title of liberty.  Then we each made our own family flags
Up until recently, I never really thought FHE was really that big of a deal for us because Addy is still little. I now realize that was a terrible attitude because she really is learning and picking up on things as we teach different principles. We always keep it pretty short and we try to include some sort of activity to make it as fun as possible but we've been counseled by prophets to make it a high priority so we are trying. And strangely, I almost look forward to it each week. I think maybe tonight we will learn the importance of hard work and get the yard cleaned up and the garden weeded!!! 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Civil Defense Caves

We finally had a very nice weekend (hooray!) so I was really excited to get out of the house and do something fun.  I gave Mitch several different options and he choose the civil defense caves because it was the closest and we had never been before.  
(sorry the pictures aren't the greatest, our camera broke in cali so we just use the phone)

I was so happy we went because they turned out to be pretty neat and not to difficult so we could carry Addy since she was being a little wus. 

I can't really blame her though because it was really dark and cold and water kept dripping on our heads! To me it just added to the adventure but probably not so much for a two year old!  Part way through Mitch was tired of hearing Addy whine to "go back" so we turned around.  One day I want to go back and find out what they call "fat man's misery"!
Once Addy found out we were heading back out she was way more pleasant.  When we got to where you could see some light from the exit, she even got down and walked on her own.  

At the entrance, there are quite a few big piles of rocks you have to climb over and she wanted to do those all by herself too.  So we will have to go back and see if the second time she does better.

We even took home a small rock as a souvenir!  

Monday, June 6, 2011

Grandpa's Shirt

After Mitch's dad passed away, all the brothers were going through some of his clothes.  A couple of shirts were too big for any of them so I took them thinking one day I could make something with them. Well I was browsing online one day and came across this tutorial.
I thought it looked cute and not to difficult so I tried it out and wa la- 

a cute little summer dress!  

I didn't put the casing around the middle because I just couldn't get it to line up good with the way the buttons were positioned. I still think it turned out great and looks stinkin' cute on this crazy gal.  The best part is she will always have something of grandpa's!