Sunday, June 14, 2009

The many faces of Addy

I am finally getting around to posting an update but it will probably just be a quick one because I would rather play with my family right now since we are down in Utah. As you can see in the pictures Addy is just growing up way too quickly which is sort of fun because she definitely has quite the character and personality but on the other hand it is getting difficult to keep up with her. Now that she is crawling and pulling herself up onto things I have to find safe things for her to play with but most of the time I just try to steer her away from the stairs which in our house seem to be everywhere. Her favorite place to play is at the table and chairs because she pulls herself up and is so proud of herself that she gets too excited and tips over which has caused a few bruises and tears.

One of our favorite things that she just started to do is dancing. I had the music on the other day and look over and Addy is swaying back and forth to the music which will happen on occasion but usually just for a second and it is just a little movement. Well for some reason she was really into this song (which isn't that great of a song so don't really listen to the words). I laugh for a minute thinking it will stop but she kept going so I grabbed the camera and started videoing.

The best is that later when Mitch came home I showed him the video and he wanted to see if she would do it again so he put the song on and right away she started groovin'. Later when we were getting her ready for bed, he started singing a small part of the song and she did it again. Apparently she likes the reggae music just like her dad!