Thursday, February 28, 2008

Great News!!!

So back in September I made it a goal to start this blogging thing and as you can see I never did get to far, but I am really going to try this time especially now that we are expecting! Yipee. It has been a long time waiting with many doctors visits but now we are just so excited. The official due date is September 7th which puts me at about 12-13 weeks. So our little baby is about the size of a lime and is starting to develop reflexes. I have been really lucky and haven't had much morning sickness but I have been tired and emotional which is starting to get a little better.
Other news is that Mitch is still looking for a job in the advertising/marketing field. He just had a couple interviews and is still waiting to here back from them. We have our fingers crossed that something will happen soon but the waiting is still hard. In the meantime, he is helping one of his buddies build storage units out in the freezing cold of Rexburg which hasn't been the funniest but at least it is something to keep him busy. Let me just leave you with this adorable picture of our big headed baby! (family joke)