Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Workman Family Reunion

A couple weeks ago, all of Mitch's brothers and sisters came into town and we had a little reunion of sorts. Most of them stayed for about a week and so we were able to do quite a few fun things. My favorite was Saturday morning we headed up to Jackson and rafted the Snake River.

We rented a raft which was nice because we ended up going twice because we missed all the big rapids the first time down. On the second run we knew where to go and wow it was so much fun.

Thankfully we only lost one person to the big kahuna and it was one of the adults who managed to save the paddle!!

After the second run we headed back down to IF and had a nice dutch oven dinner/feast and a little family program.

The Yea's were in charge and they came up with the idea to bury a family time capsule. So every family brought something to represent their family through the year and then the little kids all wrote letters to themselves. It was such a great idea and in ten years we will dig it back up as long as we remember that we buried it :)

The next night we went up to the Bar J Wranglers which is always good ol' entertainment and a family tradition.

We took Addy on the carriage ride because she loves horses!

Then I tried to get as much energy out of her body before the show started so we could actually enjoy ourselves so we spent some time running around and she climbed all over the fence.

and starred at everyone walking past but it made for some cute pictures.

Our silly family :)

The next day we went up to warm river (which is not warm by the way). On the way up one of the vans broke down, so we piled as many people as we could into one car and then our car went to find parts and tools to fix the van. Luckily it was a pretty easy fix so we weren't too far behind.

It was a fun place for the kids to float the river. We took Addy down in the yellow raft and as long as I was with her the whole time she was fine but she did not like going down by herself.

The kids also had a ball fishing with Grandpa. I think they caught 9 or so.

By late afternoon it got a little chilly and started to rain on and off so we huddled under the tree while it rained and then ran out and cooked hot dogs and s'mores when it wasn't raining.

Later in the week we had all the nieces and nephew age 5 and up (accept Addy) up to our place for a pigza hut party. They had no idea what to expect which made it even funner- and yes funner is a word! Sadly my camera wasn't working so I only got a picture as we were backing to go back to IF.

As part of the party, each kid made their own pizza and then we played lots of games. Mitch took them out and taught them how to play pig on the basketball court, then we played a game where each person pins a balloon to their backside and then has a thumb tack taped to their nose and then you run around on your hands and knees popping each others balloons. We had them squeal like a pig when their balloon got popped. It was great fun and I was really sad I didn't have my camera. Then we played oink, oink, pig because it was a game Addy knew but I did have a pig face that they wore and then they had to chase around the circle as if they were a pig. The last game was squealing/snorting competition-very funny. They then set up their pig pens/tents in the backyard and then we watched Penelope on the back of the house.

The next day us sister in-laws all went to lunch and then all the girls went to see Letters to Juliet. It was such a cute show and I was happy to be watching it with girls because I knew Mitch would be making fun of the cheesiness.

On the last day we went to Rigby Lake and played around. Addy loved playing in the sand and splashing around with her cousins. It made me wish that we hadn't waited all summer to go. Next year we will have to go more often.

So it was a very fun week and we all went home exhausted but it is always good to be with family especially when most of them you only see a couple times a year.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cheese Head

Yesterday, I borrowed the new Mockingjay book from a friend (thank you friend!) so I have been spending probably a little too much time reading it today. In the meantime Addy has been trying to entertain herself, although it is very difficult for her because she is so used to everyone doing it for her. Anyway, I glanced up and she was running around the house with these sunglasses on. It was too cute to pass up so I grabbed the camera and the cheese face instantly came out.

She is quite the little nut but it is one of the things we love most about her!! Oh and that is not a scratch on her nose just a little left over lunch...opps!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

At the Lake

I'm down in Utah visiting my family while Mitch is hard at work back home. We have done lots of fun things but my favorite was at the lake yesterday. My amazing brother in-law rented four jet skis for the day and we had so much fun.

Addy was in heaven because she just ran around getting attention from every one and eating all sorts of treats. We didn't have a crying fit all day which is seriously impressive.

Gracie and Chels building a sandcastle that kept getting ruined from the crashing waves.

We took Addy out for a ride and she loved it. My sister started driving and was trying to be really careful so we didn't scare Addy and then I took over and was a little more dangerous and she still had fun. Thankfully we didn't tip because I think that would've ruined her fun.

I took her out later on the tube and that wasn't quite as enjoyable. I couldn't block the wind or water from spraying us so it was just a short trip.

Tyler teaching us how to skip rocks.

This hair due is a combination of sunscreen, dirt and lots of wind from the jet ski ride. Just in case you want to copy it :)

Addy loves her cousin Gracie. She has to do everything the same and thankfully Gracie is usually pretty good about letting her hang around all the time.

Such a good uncle pulling his nieces in the tube along the beach. I felt bad because he did it for awhile and they kept yelling at him to go faster so I tried to help out. We really just had so much fun and thankfully didn't get too burnt. Thanks Benjamin!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I will so take this...

over this....

you can sort of see the blisters on the inside of her cheek :(

any day of the week.

Thankfully after a whole week of being ridiculously sick; throwing up, diarrhea, strep, and blisters covering the insides of her mouth which made it impossible to eat, Addy is back up and running. Smiles, sass and everything else. I will say I was blessed with tremendous patience this past week because normally I do not deal well with this type of thing. Now we just have to work on breaking the habit of watching cartoons and movies on the couch all day :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fun Date

Last night I took Mitch out on a super fun date. I've been wanting to do something fun because we rarely go out unless the parents are paying (love you). So I found a website that has lots of fun and creative dating ideas which got my creative juices flowing and I came up with an idea which I then shared with a friend and together we put together this great date! At least to me it was great.

Toward the end of the week, I emailed Mitch asking him out to "A night for the stars". In which he replied, "What do you have up your sleeve?" but I was good and did not reveal anything else.

So Saturday we started the date with making a creative star out of play dough. Mostly we were just killing a little time and getting the boys in the same place for our next surprise.

I made the sweet little rock star. It had a Mohawk and everything but sadly it did not win. (We had the babysitter judge when she got there)

On to our next event, we had the men walk the red carpet (since they are big stars!) with their sweet sun glasses as the paparazzi (us gals) took pictures of them. It was hilarious.

This is them hiding behind the car when they noticed the neighbors were out in the yard.

We then headed to the cheap theater to watch the big stars of Hollywood in "A-Team". We even gave our guys the star treatment with popcorn, drinks and starbursts.

After the movie we went to the park and did some star gazing. I printed out a constellation map so we would have some idea as to what we were looking at/for. It was a very nice clear night so we had a lot of fun.

I also put glow in the dark stars up in our room with one that had Mitch's name on it. After we got in bed I gave him a Star Certificate(I found one online and then just changed a few things to make it my own) that showed a star had been named after him. It was pretty funny and then the next morning he found his star.

Feel free to use the idea and if you have any other fun date ideas, please share.