Wednesday, December 11, 2013


He really is a super-duper baby.  I am amazed at how well he handles his older sisters craziness. She is pretty silly most of the time and he just loves to watch everything she does.

Sunday Afternoon

I just had to include these first few photos because there is really nothing so cute and peaceful as a sleeping baby, even if he is about to slide off the couch. I did adjust him after the pictures so no injury occurred!

Seriously, he has the sweetest little face.
On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we decided to take the short trip up to the temple and walk around the grounds. We are so lucky to have this beautiful building just a few short minutes from our house and I feel bad that we don't bring Addy here more often because just even walking outside there is a special spirit. 
Also it is pretty great that Addy likes to take pictures and although we might have our heads cut off or be a little crooked, at least we have some pictures of Mitch and I.

And when one baby gets a little too fussy and the other girl starts acting a little too rambunctious, we head home.

Look Alike?

Sometimes it is just a little too eerie how similar these two are.  Eyebrows up, big eyes, same mouth and crease on the chin.  Oh and don't mind that middle finger of Brayden…he does that a lot!


I love watching babies develop. You can see them focusing so much and trying so hard to figure out how to get their bodies to do what they want.  Brayden try to reach for the little butterflies but his hands would just clench together. At least the mat can be a small distraction while I try to do the dishes or cook dinner.   

Notice all the little fit sticking out at the edge of the photos…that is cause they were all taken by this little gal. Including this one of herself!