Monday, November 5, 2012


The best part of the fall when you are a kid are the pile of leaves.  This little lady was such a good helper on this day and we got a lot of leaves raked up.  Sadly, there was still a lot more on the trees to come down so we've had to do this many more times.

On our last pile of leaves I told Addy to have some fun and she sure did.

I'm not sure how many leaves actually made it into the bag but someone sure had a lot of fun playing!

Camera Fun

These pictures just scream "I NEED ATTENTION!" I promise I really am a good mom (or try to be one) but sometimes this little lady won't even give me 5 minutes to myself. This just happened to be one of those days!

Being the only source of her entertainment for the majority of the day can be exhausting but also very rewarding.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Celebration

Several weeks ago we checked the weather and saw that we only had a couple more days of 70 degree weather.  So we planned an FHE outing with our neighbors, to go up into the mountains to see the fall colors and Mesa Falls.  Turns out most of the trees had already lost their leaves so the colors weren't all that great but it was still nice to get out and enjoy nature.

I just love this candid shot because it totally shows how we work.  Me being the boss and trying to get Addy to take a picture with me and her not really caring for it one bit!

Sometimes I can convince her that she loves me and we can get a cute picture!

Other times I bribe her.  In this case I told her she could take a picture of Dad and I.
Surprisingly she actually got both our heads!
Other times we just give in a take grumpy face pictures.

After the Falls, we drove back to the warm river campground to roast some hotdogs and s'mores.

These girls were so funny, they would sit in their chairs and then say, "whoa... whoa... whoa..." and then tip themselves backward.  Then they would laugh and laugh.

Turns out the water wasn't even a temptation for the kids because it was just too cold but it sure was beautiful to watch.

I love how these two can be so similar!
Bring on the dinner.

And the S'mores.

We had such a fun time until the girls had to use the bathroom and we found out they were all locked up for the season.  Turns out Addy isn't afraid to pee in the bushes when she needs too!


For family home evening a couple weeks ago, we had a lesson on the creation of the earth.  I would read the scripture about each of the days and then either Addy or Mitch would draw a picture to show what happened.  I just loved all of Addy's cute pictures.  Sometimes I forget that she is getting so big and can actually draw things.

Addy did the day 1 and then colored in the land and sea on day 3.

This was day 6 with Adam and Eve and then a monkey!


One of this girls favorite things to do is tricks.  It can be with anything; her bike, the swings, trampoline, her own body and even with her hand and fingers.  I am always hearing her say, "mom, watch this" and then she does some sort of trick.  It is even better when the camera is close by cause then she always wants me to take pictures of her awesomeness. 
Here she is swinging on all three swings.
The forward pose.
Followed by the backward pose.
I have such a talented daughter!