Saturday, June 30, 2012

A-Team Date Night

Let me just say once again, that I have the greatest husband ever!  All I have to say is "it's your turn to plan the next date" and he always does.  This time he got a little help from some neighbors and they let their creative juices flow.  The worst part was they are so much better at keeping secrets than us girls.  So we had no idea what to expect. We started catching on when they brought out bandana's with our 'new' names for the night.
Here we have: Triple L, Bo-Jangles, Huckleberry, Turbo, Coons, B-Bump
Then we all packed into the Jeep and road up into the hills for some target practice.

This was our target...I hit it once.

For the first time in my whole life, I actually hit the clay pigeon and not just once but three times out of six!

Mitch fooling around and trying to shoot from the hip.  We all backed up quite a bit for this.

After shooting, we went back and changed into our PJ's.  Then met back up for an outside movie of.....the "A-Team"! This was such a great date and it was so fun watching our husbands get excited about planning something for us. Can't wait till next time! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Still laughing

This little girl is quite a nut!  I asked her to go change out of her swimming suit and back into her normal clothes.  She was whining about needing help and not wanting to do it herself.  So I told her I'd just finished washing some of her clothes so she could go pick some out of the dryer.  Well, it got quiet for awhile so I just assumed she'd gone down to her room to change.  I walk into the laundry/pantry room to get some cans for dinner and I see her inside the dryer digging around for some clothes!  She'd already thrown a few things out on the floor to wear and I think she was just looking for some undies or something.  It sure made my day and cracked me up for quite some time!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

I did a first.  Since I am not a huge steak lover, so when I have to buy it I always get the cheap stuff (maybe that is why I've never loved it!).  Well for Fathers Day I thought it would be fun to splurge so I bought some very huge and to my surprise delicious steaks. 

This Dad totally deserved it!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Air Show

We were finally around for the Rexburg Air Show.  They use to do this show every year and we were always out of town.  Then the last couple of years they haven't had a show at all.  Needless to say I was very excited when I heard the planes out practicing and realized we were actually going to be around to see it.  Saturday late morning we headed over to a park really close to the airport so we could watch without tons of people around plus Addy could play and run around. 
It was a pretty great show but we realized they just take turns with different planes and pilots so there really isn't a big finale.  It lasts all afternoon so whenever you show up there will be a plane flying around so next year we might not go so early.

Mitch did get a little nap in.

And this little girl sure enjoyed watching the planes and that is what matters most!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It was a very sad day for me when I got issued a new calling to serve in the primary teaching the 5 year olds.  Not that I don't love primary, I was just super sad to be leaving young womens.  I love those girls and it was seriously a dream calling for me to be with them twice a week.  A couple of weeks after I got released, I came home to a wonderful sight!  They had heart attacked me and left special little notes and flowers.  I hope that I was able to teach and inspire them in a small way while I served them.  They sure were wonderful examples to me!  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kansas City Family Reunion

We headed out to Kansas City the beginning of June for a Workman family reunion.  Mitch has a brother that lives out there with a few acres of land so we all gathered at his place and had quite a fun-filled week! Of course I took a million pictures so I really limited them on this post but it is still super long.
Addy was pretty excited about the airplane ride so trying to get her to take a normal picture was nearly impossible.

We flew in really late Friday night and then spent Saturday helping decorate the house for the rest of the family and figuring out food for the rest of the week.  That night we went into the city to the Plaza and ate at the Cheesecake Factory.  

By Sunday evening everyone had arrived so we did some family pictures.
Obviously they can't be too serious of pictures with Mitch involved.

Chrissy had got some really fun accessories to keep the pictures from being to boring!

Later that night we had the "opening ceremonies" which included s'mores and some incredible fireworks.  
Yum, Yum

Monday we were in charge of family games.  We sort of cheated and used lots of the same ones from my reunion last year.  They were a big hit for all ages.  

We've learned to put the water games at the end because it always ends in a fight.
Where someone always gets soaked!
This picture is what family reunions are all about!
That afternoon we relaxed and let the kids play outside.

Later in the evening we had family karoke night.  Each family was asked to come with a song or chant to perform.  It was great entertainment!

On Tuesday we all packed into the cars and headed out for a Church history tour.
We squeezed in with all the teenage girls and poor Mitch had to suffer through the singing and talking!
Our first stop was Independence.  They take you on a short little walking tour which shows what the Saints had to go through.  Afterwards they have a really fun place for the kids to play.

After we left Addy turned and waved good-bye to Jesus. I just love her!
We walked across the street to see where the Temple will one day be built.  While we were visiting the kids went exploring and found a random turtle.

Our next stop was Farr West.  It is really hard to imagine the saints living there because there really isn't much there anymore.  It is just so green and beautiful.
This is one of the cornerstones for the temple.

Then we drove out to Hans Mill.  Which only has a small little marking plaque on the ground.  It was another gorgeous place with a little creek where the kids loved to throw rocks.  

My favorite stop was at Adam-Ondi-Ahman.  We had a picnic lunch and then went and walked around  and had a little family discussion about what happened at that place.  It was just beautiful and had a wonderful feeling which is why we spent lots longer than we'd planned.

It was a very long day for this little gal.
Our final stop was to the Liberty Jail. We were all a little tired by this point so we didn't stay long but it was still good to see.

On Wednesday the youth went to the newly finished temple to do some baptisms. Then later in the evening we went to a Royals baseball game.

Thursday was another relaxing day with lots of card games.  At some point Ted was taking a nap and the girls decided to write on his forehead "Kick Me".

Well when he woke up those girls found themselves being thrown into the pond! I'm sure it is a memory they will never forget.

Of course that let to a nice mud fight and swim.

That night all the adults went out for a nice dinner of some good ol' southern barbeque. I still have dreams of eating that delicious food.

Thanks B&C for letting us all come and invade your house.  You spent a lot of time planning this reunion and we had a tremendous time!