Friday, April 29, 2011

seriously, this girl cracks me up

One of Addy's favorite games to play is hide and seek. Hence we play it on a daily basis and I always have to give her the last time warning. I know you mom's know what I am talking about.  If I don't let her know in advance that it is the last time we are playing then we end up with serious fit throwing. 

 Anyways, we were playing this afternoon and she was already cracking me up with her counting; one, two, three, eight, nine, ten, thirteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen (repeat) until finally 'ready or not here I come'.  So I had told her it was the last time and so she goes off and hides and I start counting.  Well it is a good thing that she usually starts counting with me towards the end so I have some idea as to where she it or else I never would've found her.  

She had hidden herself in here:

The Washing Machine

She had crawled in here all on her own and scooted all the way to the back. Really if I would've just walked into the laundry room, I probably wouldn't have seem her because she is so tiny! The greatest part was that nobody even suggest that it would be a good place to hide (lots of times she just hides where ever we do) She just came up with it all on her own and she was right it was a great place. 

Needless to say, I was cracking up like none other.  It was so hilarious!  I'm not sure she will ever do it again though because it kinda freaked her out when she tried to crawl out and the inside started turning. This seriously made my whole day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg Hunt

Sunday we invited some friends and one of Mitch's cousins over for a delicious easter feast.  It is sort of turning into a tradition to have ham, funeral potatoes, baked beans and rolls as part of our dinner.  All of which are my favorite so two and two together and Easter dinner is one of my favorites.  It even beats out Thanksgiving!  

After dinner the boys hid some eggs around the backyard.  We had the girls get there shoes on but then we told them they had to wait by the door until all the eggs were hidden.  So this is how they waited!! Hidden behind the curtains/blinds and watching their dad's hide the eggs. I just think it is the cutest picture :)

Armed with Easter baskets and ready to go!

And they ran around finding eggs with some slight help from the adults to point them in the right direction.
Addy's skirt was/is way to big for her. Every time she bent over to pick up an egg, her little undies or crack would hang out.  I tried to get a picture because I thought it was funny but the only one I got was from a distance and you can't even tell, lucky for her!

"Look at all my eggs!"


I tried to get a cute after picture because she really was thrilled and kept asking if we could do it again. This was as good as it got.  I think she was a little distracted with finding the candy inside the eggs. 

Easter Morning

Mitch, looking to see what treasures the easter bunny brought him?

For breakfast, we made easter pancakes.  Addy was even able to help with a couple of them.

We spent the rest of the morning playing, getting ready for church and prepping food for our easter feast. We ended up being so busy that I never took a picture of her in her easter dress.  If you scroll down a few more posts you can see it from the wedding festivities. It was such a cute dress we just used it for both occasions.   

Easter Party

On Saturday afternoon, we went over to my aunt and uncle's for a little easter gathering.  They seriously have the funnest backyard for kids.  Addy had a great time playing in the sandbox, getting pushed on the swings and riding around on the bikes pretending she was just as big as the other kids. 

After dinner, my aunt had a cute little chick pinata that the kids had fun smacking around.  We only blindfolded Addy the first couple of times because she would walk over and barely hit the pinata with the bat.  We thought if she didn't have the blindfold on she would be able to see where to swing and hit it harder.  It didn't happen, she still just barely hit it. Then we told her there was candy inside and that was why we were trying to break it open and then she didn't even want a turn. She just wanted the other kids to hit it!! 

Dad still had to make sure she got a couple of good things for him!!

Then we tried our hand at roasting peeps. I never did try one because I was kinda sugared out. Mitch, being the boy that he is, threw one into the fire just to see what would happen and it expanded into a pretty good blob! 

It was a very fun day and I'm sure Addy is going to be asking to go back a play soon!!

Coloring Eggs

Yes, he is a cheese head!

We quickly gave up on the idea of trying to keep her hands clean and focused more on just keeping her clothes from being ruined. 

Addy definitely had a great time!  She kept laughing and saying, "this is fun" as she took her eggs from one color to the next. 

When we went to clean up, she didn't want to take her last egg out of the dye so we just slowly started cleaning out one bowl at a time.  So she ended up with one plain green egg and two multi-colored eggs! Truthfully, I think her eggs turned out to be the best :)

Friday, April 22, 2011


     the SNOW!!!

This really shouldn't surprise me because I do live in Idaho; but still it is almost the noon hour, and we still have snow outside.  
At least someone was happy for the two minutes she was out playing. Then she came inside saying, "it toe code". Hehe, I just love two year old talk!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mrs. White, Billiard Room, Lead Pipe!!

For YW's on Tuesday night, we played the life-sized version of Clue.  We used masking tape on the floor to outline the squares and rooms on the board. Then each girl was one of the suspects and they played the game as if they were the pieces.  It was great fun!  

Sadly, I couldn't really think of what the purpose of this activity was (besides just fun interaction) or how to tie it into some spiritual message so if you can think of anything let me know!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Helpers

Anyone need some cute little house cleaners? 

I'm not sure how many friends Addy will have left if all they do is clean my house, but they sure enjoyed taking turns mopping and vacuuming the floors and I wasn't about to interfere with this happiness :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love is in the Air

On March 31st, my crazy brother got married in the Salt Lake Temple.  It turned out to be a beautiful sunny spring day and they were just glowing all day. We were all just happy that she said yes!! 
So instead of doing a luncheon between the temple ceremony and the reception, they decided to do a breakfast in the morning at the lion house and then headed over to the temple for the ceremony.  It was such a yummy breakfast and we had lots of laughs as people told stories and gave advice to the couple.  

Do they look a little nervous?

My other very super talented brother at the piano.

Coming out of the temple. This was one of my favorite moments on our wedding day. You are just so happy you can't contain yourself.

Addy with Uncle Al. I don't think that smile left his face all day!!

Our attempt at a family photo.  Addy was being a little toad by this point of the day, so we took a few and this was the only one that she had her face toward the camera.

These are the super cute dresses they got for all the little girls.  They even have a big yellow bow on the back.  


These two together = trouble.

They had their reception at Jensen Lake which was really fun.  They even had little brown sacks filled with food for the ducks, so all the kids were able to have a good time as well. 

Eating the cake, he was nice and didn't rub it in her face.

Throwing the bouquet. Sadly my little sister didn't catch it so I guess it will be a little while before we have another wedding. 

Heading out to their car....

...which we worked so hard at decorating/destroying.  He totally deserved this after ours and my sisters wedding.  We even taped and scattered little plastic babies all over the inside ;) 

and yes that is a chocolate smeared diaper on the hood

but he got us good when his friends secretly brought over the scooter and they quickly rode away on that instead!!

Don't worry, we just drove the car over to their house just the way it was so they had to clean it up anyway :)