Monday, March 29, 2010

Picture Time

We took Addy in for her 18 month pictures a few weeks ago. I was really worried that we weren't going to get any cute ones because at first she would not smile. It takes her awhile to open up to people and in the meantime she just stares and gives nice scuzz faces. Thankfully after a few minutes she started opening up but then we couldn't get her to sit still. Seriously she was all over the place. The best part was after a few pictures, Addy recognized when the flash went off and so everytime the photographer lifted the camera, should would make a very silly face. She had us all laughing. But I must say the photographer knew what she was doing because we got some very cute pictures.

Her facial expression when we first got there.

Starting to open up with a slight smile.

By the time we left she was throwing easter eggs all over the place.

...and here is the series of silliness.

When Mitch went to pick up the pictures, they had him sign a paper saying they could use the collage picture. So next time you are at JCPenny's in Idaho Falls you can look to see if her picture is hanging on the wall!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tax Money

This year we decided to use some of our tax money to 1- get mitch a new computer since our laptop died awhile back and 2- get me new glasses! I have been desperately needing a new pair for a long time and these are the ones I got.

Truthfully, I don't LOVE them. I like them but I wish that I would've started looking on my own before the lady worker came to help me because she just kept pulling out lots of different pairs for me to try on without me even looking at them. So then when I did look I wasn't sure which one's I had already put on so I just got these ones. When she went back to see what my insurance covered I looked a little on my own and actually tried on some that I think I may have liked more but I had already been there for a long time so I felt bad saying anything. So now I am slowly adjusting to these ones.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting Ready

So this is Addy getting all ready for the day. I usually sit her in the sink to fix her hair while she brushes her teeth. I wasn't quite finished getting ready myself but she was begging to get up so I set her in the sink while I straightened my hair. Well she saw my makeup on the counter and climbed over and obviously she has watched me do this many times because without any help from me she started fixing up her face.

Normally I use a Q-tip to clean the mascara from around my eyes- not really sure what she is using it for.

Applying base and eyeliner which if you look closely is on her chin :)

What else is in this bag?

Moving onto the blush- thankfully it was just the brush with nothing on it. But look at the way she is looking at herself in the she a girl or what?

Examining her work and apparently she thinks she did a pretty good job!

Oh and the bow on her head, that was all her as well. I did help pull the hair out from around the bottom but she pulled it out of the drawer and put it on her head. And when I took it off after getting dressed she was very upset, so it has stayed on all morning.

Monday, March 22, 2010


WARNING: This may be the cutest thing ever! Okay probably just to me but seriously I could just gobble this little girl up. She is so sweet and I just love her sooo much.

Those are just two of the words that she now says all of the time. A few of my other favorites are: hot- she pretty much says this anytime I put food in front of her or when I put her in the bath, bye- as she does her crooked wave, thank you, juice, pizza. And my all time favorite was the other day we were trying to get her to say "yeah man" in the Jamaican slang and after several times of us saying it, she finally repeated it. It was hilarious but she hasn't done it since.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

As Addy would say..."Uh-Oh"

As I have said before, Addy loves the cereal drawer and will snack on cereal all day if I let her. I know it is an easy fix to just put another child lock on the door but for some reason we just haven't gotten around to it. Well the other day I came walking down the stairs just in time to see her dump the whole box of bran flakes on the floor.

In some ways I was kinda glad because that box of cereal has been in the drawer for quite some time. Obviously I was going through some healthy kick but it didn't last long because as you can see that was a pretty full box that was emptied.

It was cute because she would try to help me clean up. I would sweep the cereal into a pile and then she would wipe it up which would just spread the cereal back out and start the process all over but it was still cute.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday Surprises!

I know my birthday was a couple weeks ago and I've been meaning to post pictures but I accidentally dropped our memory card in the snow and it took me a couple of days before I found it, so I lost the original pictures. Anywho, here are just a few of my surprises.

Food storage buckets! This was a big surprise. Mitch had them all stacked up with a cute card and big bow on the top but I lost that picture so you get to see them all put away in my somewhat organized food storage area. If you notice, he even got me the good lids! I was/am so happy, it just feels so nice to be getting a little more prepared just in case anything were to happen.

He also got me stackable water jugs- which still need to be filled and put into the garage.

My dad surprised me with these books:

Don't they look like so much fun! My dad knows me so well.

But for the biggest surprise (which came a few days later)...

A piano bench!!! which Mitch made himself. Isn't it great! Although now he has this dream of having his own wood shop and making his own furniture. I keep telling myself that it is good to dream.

He also made me a chocolate chip strawberry shortcake. It was delicious and I once had a picture but it is now gone so you will just have to imagine. It was real good. Anyways thanks for all the birthday wishes and presents! I had an amazing birthday.