Thursday, September 29, 2011

More of the Birthday Girl

So these pictures were from Addy's actual birthday. We went out for dinner at Winger's because of the popcorn. When you are three, that popcorn is pretty cool. Then we came home and she opened her presents from us. I think we picked pretty good because she still plays with them, which is the true test.

I still can't believe she is three...yikes.

I don't think she was too excited about her presents...haha!

And the anticipation of another present was just too much, so we are quickly onto present number two.

Which just so happens to be princess dress ups.

We have one cute little runny-nosed princess on our hands now.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Nacho Party

A couple weeks ago we had some friends over for a Nacho Libre party. Yes, call us weird but we LOVE that movie and some how we found others who love it too! The party really wasn't much but we did eat nacho's and dressed up in our stretchy pants while we watched the movie. I only remembered to take pictures before the guests arrived but I promise we were not alone in our craziness!
This is truly one crazy chick. This is just Addy being Addy. I did not tell her to stand like this, there was absolutely no prompting by her parents. When I said I wanted to take her picture, this is just the pose she struck and it was perfect and still makes me laugh.

Showing off her muscles.

Pretty cute cape I whipped out of my fabric scraps.

This might just be where most of Addy's craziness comes from! He decorated his own cape (I may have helped just a little with the sewing). The bottom says "for the little nino's".
Watch out world because these two make quite a pair.

Sadly, there are no photo's of myself (that may have been on purpose) but I was there with my cape and stretchy pants as well.

Friday, September 16, 2011


One of the times we were down in Utah visiting with family, my wonderful sister in-law's family invited our fam to go boating. I was soooo excited because I love to go out on the boat. We had a boat growing up but it died a long time ago so it had been since high school that I'd last gone. Truthfully, I don't think her parents were prepared for all our craziness. Although with my brother as their son in-law, they might have been a little more prepared than I thought. It was seriously so much fun and I hope they invite us again next summer!

We made Tyler and Chelsea go first on the wakeboard so Mitch and I could watch to see how it is done. I'd only been once before but it was like 10 years ago so I was a little worried about if I would even be able to get up.

Thankfully it was like riding a bike and came right back to me! I got up on the first try and even made it over the wake a couple of times.

Mitch, on the other hand, had never been wakeboarding before so it was all new for him. It took him a couple of tries to figure out how to get up but he did it.

Then he crashed! And that was pretty awesome as well.
Seriously, I can't look at this picture and not laugh. I think if he would've been able to try again later in the day he would've been much better. It takes some time to figure out the balance.

After Mitch's boarding experience we decided to pull out the tube.
This is my favorite part of the boating adventure. I just love a wild ride and this drive was not afraid to give us what we wanted!!
This is Tyler and Chels holding on for dear life.

Mitch and I gave it a try after I'd already ridden with Alex. My arms were already really sore so I kept falling off. After a couple runs Mitch decided to just do it himself.

Alex and Jaquel went with the little girls. As long as we went real slow they liked it.

I think they just enjoyed playing on the beach the most!

Oh and sitting on the boat when it wasn't going too fast!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Party!

Here is a quick snap shot of Addy's carnival birthday party. I put a slideshow with all the pictures we took at the end of this post so you can look at the one's with all your kids. This was such a great party and I just loved planning it!!!

These were some pictures from our photo booth. This was probably my favorite thing at the party just because it was a fun way to remember everyone who came, or at least those who were willing to be a little silly.

The cake that started off the whole party idea. I saw this is our cupcake book and thought it was so cute but knew we were never gonna have something to make it for...hence the birthday party idea. I know crazy that it all started with a cake!

This was the best picture I have of the food table and backdrop. I'd made a really cute birthday sign but of course I never got a picture of just it so here it is in the background. I also loved the lemonade cart which I borrowed from a neighbor.

Our prize table where the kids redeemed all their hard earned tickets.

This was the entrance to our carnival. I asked Mitch if we should make a sign to put out front welcoming people and he whipped this up in a matter of minutes. Turns out he is quite the handiman.

In front of each of the games and booths, I'd made up this signs on the computer. I was super proud with how they turned out.

One game was the bean bag toss. I found a picture online and then we sketch it out and then painted and cut out the holes.

Another booth was facepainting. These girls were awesome!

The fish toss. I really thought it would be fun to have actual goldfish in little baggies but to keep it simple, we just went for little baggies of goldfish crackers.

The Clown Craft. It was a fun one for the younger children.

Circus Golf.
My mom taught Addy how to hold the club and how to stand sideways, etc. Anyways this gal picked it up so quick. She was a natural and her grandpa would be so proud.

The water squirt game. Check out that bottle holder Mitch made me, pretty impressive!

These were the little bags I put together for each kid so they'd have a place to put all their prizes!

Singing and blowing out the candles on the cake. This was the thing she was most looking forward too. She couldn't wait for people to sing the birthday song. Since the party, she will dance around the house singing it. Yesterday on her actual birthday, I probably sang it 20 times.

We had a special visit from Mitch (he needs a clown name, any suggestions?) the clown! He had no idea what he was going to do so I told him just to go be his goofy self and he would be just fine. I was hoping he would do a little juggling act for us but he decided to pass on that. So he just told jokes and helped pass out the cake and ice cream. He tried to do some balloon animals but all of the balloons kept popping from the heat so that was a bummer.

Opening presents.

This was such a fun party to put together, a lot of work but it was totally worth it. Thank you to everyone who came and showed this little gal some love. We hope you had a fun time celebrating because we sure did!