Thursday, July 31, 2008

The extra mile

This is just one more reason why I love my husband. He is extremely creative and when he gets an idea in his head, there is just no stopping him. For example, he is in charge of the elders quorum activity in a couple weeks. I gave him the idea of doing an olympic theme because obviously the olympics are starting soon. Well from there the ideas just took off and so last night we were making olympic torches that will be passed around the neighborhood and let me just tell you these are not just plain, ordinary, printed out torches from the internet. Oh no, by the picture you can see that these are hand crafted and made with love and great skill. So I ask myself, how can you not love someone who puts so much time and effort into an elders quorum party?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting ready to sell

So we've been doing projects all summer long trying to get the house ready just in case we had to sell which turned out to be true. We decided to rip out the pine tree in the front yard because it was just getting too big. My neighbor told me to call Lone Pine Nursery because they will buy pine trees so I did and they came and pulled it out and paid me 200 dollars. Great deal. We still had to fill the hole which I never got a picture of but it was huge. Ted came and helped Mitch take out the old cement landscaping and re-cut it to fit closer around the house. Then a few weeks ago we fianlly put in new sod and now we have a new front yard!

We also stained the back deck which I swear had not been done since it was first built because it took us three days and used so much stain.

In the spring we dug out a small area of sod so we could have a spot for a garden. We planted peas, corn, green peppers, banana peppers, and a tomato. Our peas came in really good and are now ready to be pulled out. All the rest of it is still growing but should be producing vegetables anytime.

Moving On

So I am so happy to announce that Mitch has officially started a new job which is in his field of study. We were so ready to be done with summer security even though it was great money but just not something you can do long term with a family. Now he is working at GapWest Broadcasting as an account executive. Since it is Idaho Falls and the market is so small, he does just about everything in advertising. He goes out a sales radio space to different companies and then he helps create and produce the actual ad which is the part that he enjoys the most. Needless to say, we will be putting our house up for sale shortly and moving to Idaho Falls so he doesn't have to commute which is really sad but in the long run will be better.

Monday, July 7, 2008

62 days to go

Today marks the end of month 7. Now I only have two of the hottest months of the year to get through and then we will finally get to hold our little girl. I was hoping to be a little closer to being ready but with girls camp next week and family reunions we just have fallin a little behind schedule which means I will just have to being doing a lot of stuff the last month.