Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's almost time

On a day like today, it makes me soooo excited to be able to use these in just a couple weeks!

Fashion Show

These crazy cute girls came walking into the house one afternoon carrying huge handfuls of leaves.  They wanted to use them to make a fashion show! I was so tempted to kick them back outside with their leaves but then decided why not let them have a little fun.  So I pulled out the craft supplies and they went to work.  It was so cute listening to them sing little made up songs about the leaves and cutting and gluing.  Once their projects were complete they took them outside and taped them to the railing of our deck steps and set up little chairs for an audience (which was just me).  Then they told me I was supposed to clap and cheer for them! Seriously it was so cute and I was so glad I let them have some fun with their leaves.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Fancy Soiree!

For Addy's fourth birthday party, we went with a Fancy Nancy theme.  She is super into these darling books right now so when I suggested we do a party with fancy nancy stuff, she was over-the-moon excited.  
This was the invitation we came up with.  We also added some glitter on the skirt and tiara and a little ribbon around the Y.  Then Addy took them around to all her friends.
 On the day of the party it was a little crazy trying to get everything set up in time.  In fact I was still in my jammy bottoms when the first little girl showed up.  Oh well.  
This was the "Posh Boutique" station.
The Ooh-la-la Beauty Salon.
You can never have too many accessorizes.
When all the girls arrived, we read the Fancy Nancy book.

Then they went to Charm School.  We practiced walking fancy while balancing books on our head and learned how to curtsy.   

Then we needed to look fancy so we went to the Ooh-la-la Beauty Salon where all the girls picked out a feather boa, star glasses and a ring. Then they got their nails done, glittery hair and fancy face or body paint.

Don't they look so fancy.

 I told them to strike a fancy pose.  Love it!

 Then they showed off their fancy moves in freeze dance.

 Even dad got into the action!

Next we played pin the crown on nancy.  This only took Mitch a couple hours to sketch the night before!  He even made Addy hang it on her door for a week after the party!

 About this time we had some hungry kids so we went inside for lunch.  I'd made pb&j sandwiches, chicken nuggets, fruit and cheese kabobs, and pink lemonade.  The sandwiches and cheese kabobs were fancy nancy style with frilly toothpicks.  I ran out of time or everything would've been fancy!  We did practice drinking with our pinkies up and those girls downed the lemonade.

It was so cute listening to these girls talk and laugh while they ate.

After lunch we went back outside to the Posh Boutique to decorate tiaras and make bracelets.  Can I just say how much I loved the dollar store while I was planning these activities.  They had everything I needed; the tiaras (which I ended up sewing two together and adding elastic), glitter glue, jewels, stickers, puff balls, and bracelet kits.  These girls loved making these things and so it took a lot longer than I was planning.

 Then we hurried and opened presents.  I loved how all the girls were so eager to give what they'd brought.

 Then we went back inside for ice cream parfaits (cause everything is fancier with sprinkles) and mini cupcakes.  It was really crazy so sadly I didn't get a picture with the parfaits just the cute cupcake after everyone had left.

I also forgot to have the girls take pictures with this cute frame after they'd accessorized. I totally needed someone to be on camera duty while the party was going on.   

Addy took this picture of us.  It was how I bribed her to be happy in the other pictures!

 It may have been slightly crazy and chaotic but this cute girl had so much fun that it made it all worth it!  
Happy Birthday Fancy Addy!