Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What do you do on a cool, cloudy day?

We went to the zoo. Turns out that is the perfect time to go because all the animals are out and fairly active instead of hiding from the heat.

Addy waved and blew kisses to nearly all the animals.

You "crack" me up. Haha- I know I'm pretty clever!

This was cute just because Addy actually knows how to say bird and what it means. So she would point and say "bird" in her little Addy voice which is very hard to imitate.

She loved the goats, probably because they are more at her level and she could actually get close to them. Although she would walk close to the fence and then when a goat came toward her, she would back away. We were to late to go in and pet them so we will have to try that next time and see if she bawls or likes it.

Truthfully, I think the otters were her favorite. One of them kept swimming right up to the window we were looking through and she just thought that was funny.

The baby zebra. Although this picture makes it seem bigger than it actually was. It was so cute with its skinny little legs.

The bears were out wrestling and playing.

Of course you can't come to the zoo without getting your picture in the lions mouth!

We had lots of fun at the zoo and will be coming back lots more since we got the annual pass! Just in case anyone else wants to come with us ;)

Friday, May 21, 2010


Last year, I was asking one of my neighbors about some of the fun free kid activities that they do around here. She mentioned that they would sometimes go and feed the ducks. This totally surprised me, I had no idea that Rexburg had a pond with ducks that you could feed.

Anyways, we never got around to it last year but now Addy is old enough that we have to get out and do things just so she can release some energy. It just so happened that Monday was one of those days so I convinced Mitch to go for family home evening.

It was a success, Addy loved the ducks.

Even the one who got within a couple feet.

We would give her a piece of bread and she would throw it to the ducks and occasionally just stick it in her own mouth :)

Once the bread was all gone, Mitch started skipping rocks and of course Addy joined in.

She was very sad to leave until we turned it into a game. Thankfully kids are easily distracted.

I love this picture.

I'm sure we will be coming back here soon.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Daily Entertainment

I hate how all my videos are always flipped. Anyone know how to fix this problem? So sorry. Enjoy my crazy child who never ever quits moving.

Monday, May 10, 2010

What a Nut

Sometimes Addy just reminds me so much of her dad and sometimes she reminds me of myself. I will let you decide where she gets this craziness from but she really is a goof. None of these photos are staged, she just comes up with this stuff on her own.

Oh socks- I know where these go. The bigger the better, right?

She's been drinking out of a cup for awhile now so I'm not sure what the problem was but she went from shocked...

to thinking she was hilarious!

The other day I watched her take her big bird book over to the piano, then proceeded to try and climb onto the piano bench. Couldn't quite do it on her own so she went to the closet and dragged the step stool over. Put her book up on the piano and then started playing. Then she would stop and turn the page and then start playing again.

Lately, she has been into putting everything on her head. This was just funny because she would actually see through the holes. So she would run around and then stop and laugh and then run some more.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Utah fun!

While we were down in Utah, we also went to the Children's Treehouse Museum. It is a perfect place for Addy because she was free to just run from one thing to the next. I really wish that we had something like this in Rexburg.

Ridin' cowgirl.

Her favorite was the babies, she loves to wrap them in blankets and try to put their diaper on. We could've stayed in that one area all day but there were LOTS of kids and it wasn't so easy for her to share so we quickly moved on to the music room for a distraction.

It was the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


About a month ago I spent a week down in Utah during my mom's spring break and we had a lot of fun playing. One of the things we did was have a fairy party. My mom is always full of good ideas. We decorated the table and had a fairy tea party with pink lemonade, tiny fruit kabobs and rice krispies.

Addy loved the pink lemonade. I think this is one of the first times she drank from a cup all by herself.

Then we went on a treasure hunt around the yard. They even had tinker bell bags to put their treasures in.

Run fairies run.

Wait for me!

Such cute little fairies!

Monday, May 3, 2010


A couple of weeks ago Mitch and I (more like I) decided that our backyard was in need of a swing set. Addy and I were spending quite a bit of time over at the neighbors swinging and sliding, which is good I am glad that they let us come play, but in order for me to get some things done in our own yard I knew I was going to need a distraction for Addy. So I searched and found a pretty cheap one that still had good reviews and we bought it!

I know some of you are probably thinking that she is still a little young for such a big toy but let the following pictures reassure you that she loves her swing set.

A couple of days after we got it all put together, I was in the kitchen cleaning up after breakfast and a can't hear or see Addy which is never a good thing, so I start to look for her. I notice the back door is open, which is odd for the morning, I look outside and I see Addy going down the slide in her pajamas. She had snuck out so she could go play. Good thing our yard is fully fenced or I really would've been worried but instead I just laughed and took pictures.

Of course her dad taught her how to go down on her stomach and so that is the only way she goes down now. This afternoon she was trying to go down face first. I'm not so sure what I am going to do with this little monkey!