Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tummy Time

Turns out this little man loves his tummy.  So much for lifting his head and strengthening his neck muscles, he just curls up and goes to sleep.

 Then when he wakes up, he finds his fist or thumb to suck on for comfort. 

"Mom, Take my Picture"

What is it with kids loving getting there picture taken?
When does that change?
 I am constantly hearing "Mom, take my picture!"  "Now do one like this." "Now like this".
Over and Over.
I'm happy to do it because I love capturing the sweet moments.

Two weeks

Turns out giving a four year old a camera isn't so bad!  I was able to get the dishes done and a quick shower while she happily took about a hundred pictures.  Most of them were blurry or of the ground or who knows what but a few of them turned out pretty cute. 


I went to change Brayden's diaper and as I was undoing the snaps on his clothes, out fell the end of his umbilical cord.  It was exciting and sad at the same time.  One more reminder that he is growing so fast. 


After my sister left, I had my nieces come up for several days to help out.  Yes, I was super spoiled with so many helpers but I needed them!  We also had several people who brought in meals and offered to take Addy so I could rest.  It was amazing the amount of service we received and I am so grateful that I was able to rest and just hold this little man for the first two weeks. He is just so sweet and beautiful!

Doctor Visit

This was Brayden's first trip to the doctors office. Luckily, he was still just as healthy as can be.  We have been so blessed to have two healthy kids.  At this visit he also got circumcised.  We were not the brave parents who stayed in the room but choose to wait out front.  As we were waiting, we heard a baby wailing and I thought for sure it was Brayden.  When the doctor came out to get us, he said that Brayden slept almost the entire time and only got a little fussy when they put his diaper back on.  I guess we were hearing someone else's baby.
He has no idea what is about to happen.

 Those first few diaper changes afterwards were the hardest I'd heard this little man cry and it just broke my heart.  We ended up giving him a little medicine and by the next day he was totally fine.  So glad they recover quickly.

Monday, July 1, 2013

cousin fun

My sister was such a great help while she was here.  She even cleaned up the dog poops so these girls could play with the slip n' slide.  That is true love.
It was so great to have Addy occupied and having fun with her cousins instead of bored with me!

We even enjoyed a little of the warm weather.

Sun-bathing...I'm guessing they learned this from my mom!

Father's Day

 Father's day was pretty uneventful this year since we had just gotten home from the hospital a couple days before and I was still struggling to get up and down off the couch!  At the same time it was a pretty special day as well since we'd just gotten a extra special gift with our son. Mitch and Addy went to church while I stayed home to take care of the baby and my mom cleaned the house and made a delicious pot roast dinner.

Love those newborn smiles!

This was the hat I crocheted for the little man. It looked so small after I finished that I didn't think it would ever fit. Turns out it was nearly perfect and even slightly too big!

Seriously, he is the best dad in the world.
 This was also the day my mom went home and I totally cried because I thought how in the world am I going to do this without her.  She pretty much took care of everything while she was here including cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, entertaining addy, changing my pee bag, etc.
Luckily, my sister was on her way up to help for a few days!

Random Pics

So tiny!

Trying some tummy time but he just curled right up and tried to fall asleep.

I wonder what he is thinking here?

Our hang out spot on the couch while I still recover with the pee bag!

Addy thought he was getting ready for prayers.

The face we see when he is hungry.  Although he still hasn't really learned how to scream. Still just squaks when he wants food!

Bath Time

Haha...someone did not love their first bath.  It was just a little too cold for him even with the warm washcloth on his belly.

He would just suck on my hand to calm himself down.

I love these pictures when they are all bundled up and clean.  Finally some warm comfort.