Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Livin it up in Texas!

I've been meaning to post about our Texas trip for a few weeks now but just haven't had the time until now so here is a brief summary of our super fun trip over Memorial day. Thursday afternoon I flew into Houston and then we went to Kyle and Frances house for a BBQ and spent the night with them which was really great to see and visit with them after so many years.

Then friday we drove down to San Antonio and went to the alamo and riverwalk which was extremely hot and humid but still pretty neat.

Saturday we went to Sea World with Mitch's brother Brandon and his family and saw lots of shows and I really wanted to go on the rides because I love roller coasters but I sadly had to sit and watch. Later that night we drove to Corpus and hung out sunday and then monday we went to the beach and fried ourselves but had such a great time playing in the waves and building sand castles.

Then tuesday we went to the aquarium and then headed back to Houston so I could catch my flight home which I ended up missing my connection in Denver and had to sleep on the floor at the airport which is never comfortable but especially not when you are 6 months pregnant.

Thanks Kyle and Frances and Brandon, Chrissy and the girls for letting us stay with you, we had such a fun time!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I have a lot of catching up to do with our Texas trip but I have to share what happened yesterday. I came home from a 3 hour camp meeting and found Mitch lying on the couch just were I left him so I was joking about why he hadn't gotten up and cleaned the house and he said that there was a mouse that ran down the stairs but he didn't see where it had gone so he had just stayed there. Of course I thought he was just making excuses but soon found out that he was serious so we immediately went off to the store to buy some traps and poison because they say if you see one mouse then there are always more. I wouldn't even go downstairs because I didn't want to see it but this morning I made Mitch check all the traps and the last one he checked had a dead mouse with its head snapped off. I still didn't want to see it so I made Mitch put it in a bag and then I took a picture from the top of the stairs. He wanted me to get a picture of the dead mouse but I wouldn't. I just hope that it is the only one that we find.