Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lethal Luau!

Friday night we hosted a Murder Mystery dinner and invited some friends/suspects. It was such a great time and everyone played there part so well which made it all the more enjoyable.
Mitch grilled up his famous jamaican jerk pork kabobs and we had so many tasty salads and sides. I'll have to post some of the recipes later. It was a pretty successful luau until our dear friend Chase dropped dead from poison in his drink and we all became the suspects!!!

These two had to leave early for a concert up at the university. We still made them take a picture anyway.

We were Les Baggs, the tourist and Leilani, the hula dancer.

This is Joey Breakers, the surfer dude and Holly Day, who was married to a billionaire and had a yacht.

Here we have Chief Wiki Wiki, his name pretty much sums it up and Nadia Seymour, a fashion model from NY.

I won't tell you who ends up being the murderer just in case anyone out there is planning on playing this same game. I will however say that we have some pretty amazing friends (I love where we live!) who were great sports about doing something a little different! Hopefully pretty soon we can have these little get togethers outside and enjoy some BBQin' weather.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Catchin' Some Rays

Sometimes this girl is too much like me. Last Sunday morning, I was in the kitchen getting some stuff put together for dinner before church. It was really quiet so I look over and I see this lovely site! She'd gone down to her room and brought up her pillow, found a towel in the kitchen to use as a blanket, took off her jammies (although they might have already been off from a recent bathroom trip) and was lounging in the little patch of sun just reading a book. I could've gobbled her up it was so stinkin cute and something that I love to do (although I am usually fully clothed)!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Addy's new faces

Remember this post with all of Addy's crazy facial expressions. Well, we have now moved on to a new stage of life. Luckily for me, she still has her cute little expressive face so I know exactly what is going on inside that little head of hers. Not so lucky for me is that she is now two (sigh) so lots of times the faces I see are not so cute any more. Truthfully they still crack me up, I just have to silently laugh in my head as to not encourage the negative behavior!
So this is Addy's VERY defined frowny face. People tell me all the time that she has the best sad faces. I wish sometimes that they were just saying that but they're not making it up. She really is good at them and most of the time they are directed at me :(
This would be the angry/pouty face. I get this one a lot. Arms folded and everything. Are all girls this dramatic?

Thankfully, I also get to see this face lots as well. She is slowly learning that this is the face that gets her what she wants but not all the time, hence the frowny and pouty faces!! It is a terrible cycle.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Recap

I know, I'm a month late. Better late than never, right? Especially since it was such a fun Valentine's Day this year, actually it was more like the whole weekend. Mitch and I started the weekend off by going out (kidless!!) for lunch on Saturday afternoon to my favorite Italian restaurant. We spent the rest of the day shopping and running errands.

On Sunday, Mitch woke up and made pink heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious and made us girls very happy!

Earlier in the week I was in a creative mood, so I decided to experiment with another cake. This is what came of it.

Monday morning, which was the actual Love Day, I gave my special valentine this awesome gift for his desk at work.

This picture was taken a couple days after V-Day so some of the treats are missing. Plus I can't remember where I got the idea but it was on someone else's blog so I can't really take credit but it was a big hit.

He also woke up a little early and placed little valentine's around the house. It was fun to find them all as I went through the day ;)

While he was at work, I put together a little secret agent mission for him that I found here. I changed a few things to fit with what I was doing for the evening. I also found a pack of secret agent toys to go with it at the dollar store which made it even more fun! As he was finding all his clues, I was busy in the kitchen putting together a fancy dinner.

Don't you just love my new plates! My parents got those for my early birthday present.

It was a busy day for me and Addy so I think we ended the day watching some Bachelor (fitting for the day!) and just relaxing. But it was lots of fun planning a special day for my valentine because he totally deserves it!!!