Friday, October 25, 2013

Birthday Time

Well, we know have a grown up five year old at our house.  I just have to say that so far this fifth year has started out great!  The other day I asked her to do something for me and she said, "I know mom, I'm five so I can do it."  WOW...big change and one I am grateful for!  
The best part of the day was she was looking in the bathroom mirror and said, "I don't look 5, I still look the same."  So I asked her what she thought would be different and she thought she would be lots taller.
The saddest part of the day was when she thought she would be starting kindergarten soon because she was now five.  That was a hard blow when I explained she wouldn't start till next year.
 The night before when I went into her room to give goodnight kisses, she asked me if I was going to decorate the house like last year.  She even remembered the streamers that she'd walked through.  Apparently, this is now a yearly tradition!

The day or two before her birthday, she asked me to get her glow sticks, a treat and something else that I can't remember.  I figured I could follow through with two of the three items.

We let her open one present before dad goes to work so she has something to play with during the day. It was her very first tea set.  Right away she wanted to have a tea party so I told her she could invite a couple friends over. She spent the morning making invitations, deciding who she wanted to come over, and planning what food to eat. Seriously it was quite the ordeal.

And then the tea party began!

And these girls were so silly and fun.  They had me cracking up a few times.

Kissing their spoons...they thought they were hilarious!

Then Addy asked if we could play freeze dance.

She got some new lip gloss from one of her friends and they decided to cover the little man with it.

Then they decorated cupcakes.  A quick last minute decision since I still hadn't finished the birthday cake.

As soon as Mitch got home from work, she begged to open the rest of her presents.

New shirts.

Church shoes...with a heal!  She was in heaven with these.

And a big barbie...which is now her Marabelle doll.

Then we sacrificed and took her to McDonalds.
Followed by cake (which I hurried to finish) and ice cream.

We are so glad to have this little lady in our family!  She is so full of energy and I find myself truly exhausted most nights but we wouldn't have it any other way! 
I hope you enjoy your 5th year of life! We love you!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another year of dance

Yep, this little gal was super-duper excited for dance to start back up!  And when she found out she was moving up to the next class, she told me in a very concerned voice, "Mom, they are going to want me to do hard stuff and I am going to have to do it."  Her desire to be the best at everything is good, right?