Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rigby Lake

I've been saying all summer that I wanted to take Addy out to Rigby lake because she loves to swim but even more than that, she loves to play in the mud.  We have a whole bunch of river rock under our deck in the backyard and she has cleared out a whole section this summer so that she can dig in the dirt.  It drives me crazy cause she is always filthy but I try to remind myself that she is just a kid and I would've wanted to do the same thing. 
This is seriously heaven for her!

I also love that she has no fear of the long as she has her life jacket on.

why do my pictures always load sideways? This is such a cute picture that I just put it on anyways.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cousin Week

In August, we had Gracie up for a fun cousins week. Sadly, I didn't take hardly any pictures of our fun adventures because my camera was acting weird. So I just have blurry ones from my phone.
For the most part they had lots of fun together!
happy faces

silly faces
On Monday, I had lots of errands to run and our first stop was the Verizon store.  We ended up being there two hours which could've been miserable with two little girls but turns out a camera is a great distraction and they were great!  When I went grocery shopping, they held my list with a pen and took turns crossing off all the stuff we got.

Seriously these two are such cuties!

The next day we went to the summer kid movie which was the chipmunk movie.  They spent lots of the movie dancing in their seats since it has lots of music in the show.
Wednesday we went to the pool.  Gracie was swimming and playing all over the place and Addy was so exhausted that she just wanted to sit in the chair and watch.  
Just before we left, she totally fell asleep in the chair.  I was amazed because she never does stuff like this.
 Another day we went to the zoo.  These girls loved it so much that we spent most of the afternoon here.  I just remember having to run Addy to the bathroom every half hour.  Apparently she was well hydrated that day!  There favorite animals were the goats.

The lion even though he spent most of the time asleep.

And who doesn't love the monkeys.  Especially when they come right over to the glass and stare at you!

We also spent a lot of time playing at the park and going on bike rides around the neighborhood. And since I was also in the middle of painting my bathroom, they were great to just play around the house too.  By the end of the week they were so tired that it was good to have a break from each other!