Monday, November 30, 2009

the feasts of all feasts

I am always amazed each thanksgiving at the amount of food that is cooked and then consumed. This year we decided to stay home since we had just taken a long trip to st. george and my brother comes home in a couple weeks so we will be back down in Utah for that. We were just going to do a simple meal with our neighbors but food is very important to Mitch and thankfully also to our neighbors so we had an amazing feast. We had turkey, ham, rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, yams, devil eggs, corn pudding, sausage balls and veggies. Then we had a pumpkin, pecan, banana cream, two chocolate creams and an apple pie (accept I forgot about it in the oven so it was a little burnt.

As you can imagine, we ate like kings and queens. Mitch says it is one of the best thanksgiving meals he was ever eaten- which is saying something. Luckily we are still eating the leftovers 5 days later.

The results of eating too much food- you get fat and tired.

The kids had fun with all the couch cushions and surprisingly no one got hurt.

That night we stayed in Idaho Falls so we could do the early morning shopping. Sadly, I didn't wake up quite as early as I wanted so we missed out on a couple things that I was really hoping to get but we did come away with most of our christmas shopping done!!! The rest of the weekend was spent playing games, watching football and movies and of course eating more food. It was very relaxing but now it is time to hit the treadmill to work off all those extra calories :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our travels down south

So we just got back from St. George and I know if I don't blog today then it will never happen from the lack of internet at our house. We had such a nice relaxing weekend visiting with the Robison clan. I was really worried with how Addy would travel because it was a pretty long drive but she did terrific on the way down. She looked like she was bored the whole time because she would just sit and stare out the window.

About half way back to my parents on Sunday she puked everywhere. Luckily we had her old carseat in the trunk so we just stripped her down, used the wipes to clean up as much as we could without gagging and then changed the seats but it was absolutely disgusting and still sort of smells even after being washed.

We did have lots of fun playing but sadly the weather was quite chilly so I didn't get to soak up the sun like I was hoping for.

Don't worry, Mitch is already teaching her how to play football.

On Friday we spent the afternoon out in the desert driving the dune buggy. As you can imagine, this is Mitch's new favorite toy.

The leaves were just starting to fall and the colors were so pretty that I had to take a few photo's which turned into a lot so I only posted a few.

As you can see they were all candid because she refuses to look at the camera but she is still a cutie.

Later in the afternoon we went out to the red rocks and found the crack.

Our attempt at a family photo.

Mitch tried to go through but only got part way and decided to come back because he was worried he would get stuck. I took the little lady because she was not happy about being trapped between the rocks and then never went back to try.

I just love crawlin around the rocks although it is a little scary with little ones becuse they can fall down even the smallest of holes or edges.

Saturday we went down to Vegas for a wedding but sadly I didn't get any pictures. We did go to chinatown and I ate Korean food for the first time which was sort of scary because I couldn't even read the menu but whatever I ordered was delicious. And that my friends was our weekend and now we are safely home with the snow.