Sunday, May 27, 2012

Primary Talk

Addy gave her first talk in primary a few weeks ago.  I still can't believe she is old enough to be doing these types of things.  Well, we kept it really short and practiced it all week so that when Sunday came around she wouldn't be too scared or nervous.  When they called her up to the podium, she walked right up, pulled the microphone down and with just a little help, she gave a wonderful talk.  It was such a fun proud mommy moment for me.  I have a pretty special kid!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Diamond Rio Concert

It is so nice to live close to campus because we can participate in some of the events and activities they offer.  This was one such time.  I was wanting to do something a little different for date night so I got on the activities page and was pleasantly surprised that Diamond Rio was coming and that I wasn't too late to purchase tickets.  I was more excited about Bill Cosby but sadly we will be out of town for that show :(  So we invited some friends to join us and ended up having a great time.

This was my view for most of the show!  I always have the worst luck with tall people sitting right in front of me.

They might be getting a little old but they still put on a great concert. Some of the songs I remembered from when I was a kid with my little black stereo.  I would just lay on my bed listening to country music.  I think I've always been a country girl!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A new bike

Okay this little lady loves, LOVES, LOVES her new big girl bike, like it's the first thing she asks after breakfast is to go for a bike ride. She just can't get enough of it!  We seriously go on bike rides every day and usually more than just once.  I usually just walk behind because she still has a hard time going up and down the curbing in our neighborhood.  So she rides way ahead of me and then waits at the corner to get help across the street.  It is a pretty good system we have going on.  She's taken a few good falls trying to go from the street back to the sidewalk so she's pretty cautious but every time she's fallen, she's gotten right back on her bike.  Sometimes it amazes me at how tough she can be.
I seriously had .2 seconds to take this picture before she was off again.
Still trying to get the hang of things.
Just look at that face!  If only we could all get that same pleasure out of such simple things.
Here she is just starting out:

Less than an hour later and she is riding all over the place.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Family Night at Cress Creek

We had some nice weather and thought it would be fun to get outside and enjoy it.  So we invited some neighbors and friends to join us for a hike up cress creek for family night.  Turns out our good weather turned cloudy really quick and I really thought it was going to rain on us.  Luckily it held off and we were able to really enjoy ourselves.
My little monkey is growing up WAY too fast.
She also practically ran the whole way up the hill while the rest of us panted and groaned our way to the top.
Don't worry my dear husband isn't really trying to sneak a pinch on another girl! hehehe

So these purple boots are a hand-me-down from a cousin and Addy wears them everywhere.  It doesn't matter if she is in a princess dress or her jammies, these boots are on her feet.  Sometimes with socks but most of the time without because who has time to put socks on when you are three.  Well, I didn't realize that she didn't have socks on during this hike so now these poor little boots stink horrendously.  I can no longer let her wear them anywhere she wants cause they will stink up a whole room. It has caused a lot of tears so now when I look at this picture I think 'why didn't I put socks on my kid?'

I tried to get us all walking up the path but I still missed a few.

My two favorite people!

I told Mitch we will have to go back in a few weeks when things green up a bit cause it just wasn't the same.  So if anyone wants to join us...we are taking reservations!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kite Flying

This was our attempt at flying our kites we've had in the closet for over a year.
It was just a little too windy and the kites kept nose-diving.
So we ended the day with 3 broken kites.
Our 2 dollar store kites and 1 of our neighbors super cool trick kites that Mitch tried to fly (key word tried) 30 seconds later it was a broken kite.

Here was another of their cool kites. 
They definitely showed us up with our dollar store specials!