Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas is coming

and if you can't tell, this little girl is just a tinsy bit excited!!!

(Feel free to skip this next part, it is just my random thoughts and things I want to remember. I'm sure it is really boring for the rest of you!)

This is such a fun time of year, especially when you are a kid (or mom!)  We have been doing lots of fun Christmas stuff lately and it is all exciting and fun.  
One of my favorite things is listening to Addy sing christmas songs.  Her favorite is Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  When it comes on the radio she always says, 'Yipee, my favorite!" and tries to sing along.  Here are two links since I can't get the videos to upload on blogger. The first is her practice try but I thought it was too funny.  This one is a little bit better!
I also love that she isn't afraid of Santa (it could be the fact that she gets a candy cane).  She's gone a couple times to sit on his lap and she just walks right up and tells him she wants a pink bear and once it was a pink barbie.  Hopefully she doesn't come up with anything else because I'm all done shopping.  
This year I've also started a tradition of reading a christmas story by the tree every night and then we take off a day on our advent calendar.  Tonight Addy turned to me as I was reading and said, "this story is too long."  I think she was ready for her treat in the calendar.
We've also gone on a couple drives looking at christmas lights around town.  It is one of my favorite things and I'm glad Addy loves it too because then it is easier to convince the hubby.  Since we are just going slow through the neighborhoods, we don't make Addy sit in her chair.  So she goes back and forth from window to window looking at all the lights and saying, "ohh I love that one", "let me see, let me see", "this is sooo much fun", "more lights", "i love this", etc.  On one of our drives we saw a house with a blow up Grinch and for the rest of the time in the car she kept asking to go back to the "winch house".  
 Lastly, the other day Addy had a friend over to play and I was upstairs tidying up my bathroom and bedroom when I hear Addy telling her friend about Mary, Joseph, the Wisemen and the baby Jesus.  I really wish that I would've written down what she was saying because it was so cute but I didn't and now I can't remember. So sad.
Well I think that is all I can remember for the moment.
Till next time.