Tuesday, December 22, 2009

She's Crazy!

In church on Sunday, a lady came over and told me that she thought Addy was just so cute and just full of personality. All I have to say is church is only a snipit of the rest of the week. My daughter is seriously crazy but she makes my life very enjoyable (most of the time).

I'm guessing she was trying to play peek-a-boo with her bib.

She climbed up on this box all on her own and was so proud of herself. Mitch then proceeded to throw pillows around her "just in case she fell" but really it just taught her to jump off the box onto the pillows. You also have to admire the latest fashion: a diaper, coat and one sock. Lovely.

This is the latest thing. She will stick her food half way in her mouth and then shake her head around. The "books" tell you to let your kids play with there food because it is good for their development but when they are shaking there body so much that they almost tip out of the high chair, then I'm not so sure it is a good thing. But it is funny to watch :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

My new look

I finally broke down and after much convincing I chopped and colored my hair. I think the last time I tried to put color in my hair was in the ninth grade and it looked HORRIBLE! Needless to say I was a little nervous but my neighbor promised me it would be okay so I found a picture of a hair cut I liked online and away she went with her scissors and Wa La:

I LOVE IT! It is a little spiky and crazy in the back and it never looks this good when I do it on my own but it is still cute.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

When christmas comes to town

It now looks like Christmas at our house! The tree and decorations are all up and there is even a little snow outside :)

Addy loves the tree and ornaments especially at night when the lights are so bright. She will stand in front of it and hit at all the ornaments and branches. Surprisingly the tree has yet to tip over but I know it will eventually since it already tilts on its own. I seriously can't wait for christmas- it is soooo fun to have a little person even if most of the time she doesn't really know what is happening.