Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Three Months

Wowzers, I am so behind in posting.
It has almost got to the overwhelming stage where I think, what is the point because I will never get caught up. Since this is really the only way that I document anything about our family I'd at least better try.
So two months ago...this little man was:
*chewing and sucking on his fingers or hands non-stop...it was an obsession.
*loved patty-cake...it would make him smile every time!
*still waking up every few hours at night
*giving the best smiles...my neighbor said, "he smiles all way down to his toes"
*getting much better at tummy time
*still getting sponge baths because of the cast
*being a poop machine (making those sponge baths crucial and difficult!)
*being smothered with love from all of us but most of the smothering part came from older sister.