Friday, October 28, 2011

Mitch's Birthday

We celebrated another birthday a few weeks ago! It wasn't nearly as planned or as fun as last year. I guess turning 31 just isn't as cool as turning 30. Oh well. He did get a great cake made specially by me.

I took it down to where he works and we had a surprise party with family.

After the party, Addy went and played with her cousins while we went shopping for a suit which turned into suits. Now when he gets ready for church he always asks if he can wear his birthday suit. Hehe...I'm sure you are laughing just as hard as I was...or wasn't. Gotta love that man of mine.


Yep, that is right.
We've already had snow this year.
I really shouldn't be surprised because it happens every year.
But I was.
Just like every year.

So we stayed in our jammies all day because there really was no need to get ready. Then once it stopped I pulled out the winter coat and gloves and let Addy out to play.

At least someone in our house was having fun. Maybe next time I'll be a better mom and go out and play with her instead of just standing in the doorway. Just maybe,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the BIG girl bed

You know how when you first get married you think you know everything about each other. Then it really doesn't take long before you realize that was not the case. Well, probably about a year ago Mitch told me he has always let me say that again always wanted to have a wood shop. This was news to me. In the 6 years we'd been married I'd never heard anything about wanting to build things. Being the great wife that I am (hehe) I said something along the lines of 'keep dreaming'.

Then just last month, we realized that we were going to need to move our twin mattress into Addy's room to make room for another bed in the guest room. I started looking online for a bed frame that we could get but I just wasn't finding anything that I liked for the amount of money I was willing to spend.

In my searching, I came across this website It is a wood working site that has tons of different plans and projects of things to build around the house. I started looking at the beds and found a couple I liked so I had Mitch check it out and it was like a dream come true. Next thing I know we are at Home Depot buying wood and then he came home from work with a new saw and the project was officially started.

Seriously, he was in heaven.

While we sanded and painted, this little lady ran around playing and having a great time.

The almost finished bed. Just letting the last coat of paint dry.

The finished product.

We absolutely love it. Now I am just waiting for my new bar stools!! I guess the garage has turned into our new wood shop!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our trip to Utah

Addy and I went down to Utah last week so we could meet Katelynn. She is my new little niece and we just love her to pieces. I couldn't believe how tiny she still was at 4 weeks and how good of a baby she is. I swear she never cries...even when you try to make her cry, she still doesn't...not that I tried or anything!

Addy even thought she was pretty cute. Although she would start saying something about her and then stop and say, "what'n her name again?"

Let's be honest though, I think she was most excited about playing with Gracie.

We had a really fun visit, as you will see in the next few posts, and were able to spend lots of time visiting with the family.


One of the afternoons we went over to the Clearfield pool and swam around. It was such a fun pool because they had a big area for the kids to swim around and I didn't get any pictures of the actual play toy part but it was pretty neat. They also had a small little lazy river to float around and a big slide that we found out the kids could sit on our laps and go down. Plus a hot tub so my mom was able to run back and forth between swimming with the kids and keeping herself warm. The kids weren't allowed in it so I would occasionally take Addy into the warm shower to keep her from freezing. Anyways we didn't stay long because we forgot to bring snacks for the girls so when dinner time came around we had to leave.

These girls sure loved the big slide!

Back up they go for another round of sliding.

And little miss Katelynn was an angel baby and just slept the whole time we were swimming.

the Dinosaur Park

While we were down in Utah, we went over to the Dinosaur Park. It had been forever since I'd been and I really thought Addy would like it. Turns out I she really didn't like looking at all the dinosaurs, they were just a little too scary. Although it was mostly my fault because when we were driving in the car I told her to be careful because the dinosaurs might come to life, etc.
From the parking lot you can see some of the dinos so trying to take a picture by the sign was impossible. I tried several times but they all turned out the same so I gave up on getting a good one.

Another part of the problem why she thought it was scary was right when you walk in is the big scene where one of the dinosaurs is getting eaten and they have loud scary growling sounds playing. Needless to say, she was not to excited to turn around for this picture!

After awhile she figured out they weren't really real so she actually touched this one.
Then we came around the corner to this beast of a dinosaur and she was back to being scared. She's not even posing in this picture.
We walked around a little bit more and then she started whining lots and told me that "I not like this place" so we went and dug for dinosaur bones. That was a lot more fun and not so scary.
Once again, she wouldn't stand under the dinosaur but this is the entrance to the kid playing area. I just love how huge the dinosaur is.
These girls played all over that kid land area. I think it changed Addy's mind of the dinosaur park. It really was a fun place after all.

Of course the pink dinosaur was a favorite. I think I have 5 different pictures of this one dinosaur!

Hehe...she makes such a cute caveman, doesn't she?