Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's Halloween

My cute little red-riding hood on our way to the neighborhood trunk-or-treat.

Trying to wait patiently for her parents to finish gabbing so we can go home and eat some of those treats!

We went over to some friends for dinner and then took Addy out so she could trick-or-treat at some houses.  All of those pictures are on Mitch's phone so I'll have to update again later.

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Carving

For family night, we had some neighbors over to carve pumpkins. All of these pumpkins were grown in my dad's backyard which is turning into a very fun tradition to carve grandpa's pumpkins.
Addy went through the little book and picked out the most girly design she could find which was a cat. So she helped me cut it out.

Mitch went with a little more elaborate design which included using the jigsaw instead of a normal knife.

Turns out I wasn't feeling that great this day so I almost cut myself out of this photo. 

Halloween Party

This year for Halloween we didn't make it down to my parents for the big party.  So we decided to do a small one here.  We had Mitch's brother and family up for a crazy dinner and then played a few Halloween games.
After I gave up on this skeleton man, Mitch took over and made him look great!
For dinner, I set the table with some interesting plates, cup and utensils. That is how we then ate spaghetti and meatballs.  It was an idea I got from my aunt last year and I'm pretty sure we will continue the tradition every year for Halloween!

Notice the bone breadsticks I made.  They turned out pretty cute.

After dinner, we played the donut on the string game.  Turns out it was the first time for some of these people!

Then we played a game where you had to find the eyeballs in the spaghetti brains.

To finish the night we played Halloween bingo and all the kids left with a little pumpkin filled with treats and small toys which some would call trinkets.

Not Already

We got a really nice snow storm early this year which is good cause we haven't had much since.  Addy had preschool in the morning but once she got home, we put the snow stuff on and went out to play(or shovel for me).

It was so fun to watch her run up and down the sidewalk.  She would go a couple steps and then fall, then get back up and do it again.  Luckily she thought it was great fun!

birthday effort

My mom and dad drove up for the weekend to celebrate Mitch's birthday. They took us all out to lunch at Red Robin and then we went shopping so Mitch could pick out his birthday gift.  It is always great to have them up to visit.

We have a conference tradition of having waffles on one of the mornings.  So we turned them into birthday waffles and had hats and plates.

This was where I failed miserably.  I'd seen some awesome camo cupcakes on pinterest and thought they would be perfect since hunting season was about to begin.  Well Mitch told me he would rather have a cake instead of cupcakes.  So I just tried to do the same thing just in a cake pan.  Turns out it looks really cool in the pan and then when you tip it out, the cake cracks and falls apart where all the different colors meet.  I was about to scratch it and just do a plain cake but I really didn't want to waste more time so I just made this one work.  I learned my lesson and will only do this with cupcakes.

Opening presents:  A bowtie and peanut M&Ms from Addy and some router bits from me!

Looks like he forgot one more gift.

Notice the camo frosting that I used to try and fix the horrendous cake.
We ended the night with cake and ice cream with some neighborhood friends.  It was great fun until all the kids disappeared downstairs.  Come to find out they were playing "make a mess" in Addy's room and it was a disaster!  I didn't see it until it was mostly cleaned up but I guess it was pretty bad.  To top it all off, just as everyone was leaving, Addy started throwing up everywhere and it continued through the whole night.  Quite a birthday!