Thursday, August 28, 2014


Once again I am completely behind on this blog and maybe one day I will get caught up but I doubt it. So let's just start from now and hopefully one day I will fill in the holes.

Can you believe this girl started Kindergarten!?
It was quite the day. She is in the afternoon class so I tried to keep her busy all morning. With all the excitement, she was completely ready, with her jobs done, by like 9:30.  I showed her on the clock what time we'd get lunch and that we'd leave after that.  So she went out front to ride her bike and every five minutes she was inside checking the clock!

 One benefit of school is that she actually lets me fix her hair! Hopefully that continues for the whole year. 

 We ended up eating lunch in like 5 minutes because she just wasn't hungry (too excited). So I told her we could leave right then and walk or wait 10 more minutes and I would drive her.  She choose to leave right then.  It was so fun to watch her skip the whole way to school. It is definitely a memory I won't forget. 
 As we got closer to the school, we ran into one of Addy's friend and they both ran to the front of the school and we found them sitting on the bench waiting. Sadly, they aren't in the same class but they will still get to ride the bus home together.

Of course we get in her classroom and she no longer needs me.  She is so independent and not afraid of new things which is awesome and sad for me all at the same time.

My favorite part was watching her come home from school with a smile on her face. And then to hear all about it.  My mother inlaw once told me that she made sure she was always home when the kids got home from school cause she could always tell how their day went within those five minutes of them being home.  It really is the truth because I got all the details and by the time Mitch got home, the excitement was gone and he got very little recap.  It reminded me of just how lucky I am to be able to stay home with my beautiful kids!!
2nd day of school

She is growing up too fast.
Last night, we also had a little back to school feast. I printed out a few little school name cards and napkin rings.  Then we also talked about our family motto for the school year which is Kindness begins with ME.  Hopefully it will be a good reminder for all of us in the family to remember to show kindness in all that we do.

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