Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Celebrate Youth

We had another successful year at the Celebrate Youth activity.  I took zero pictures of poor Brayden who was for the most part stuck in the stroller. But I did capture a few of Addy enjoying her last day of summer vacation.

 She was even brave enough to try the climbing wall this year.  So I was patient enough to stand in the forever long line with her even though it was really hot.

Can you see her?

On the trolley. I wasn't coordinated enough to get brayden in with us with out dropping my phone and him.
Getting her hair fixed up.

It was a very fun and exhausting afternoon.
How did I get Brayden to stay in the stroller? 
(I know some of you are wondering that)
I let him eat a creamy all by himself.
He was covered from head to toe in sticky chocolate popsicle but at least he was happy!

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